Child Suspicious Missing & Unsolved Murders 1958 To 2017

Dalton Scott Rollins, five years old. He and his mother were murdered in 2002. Alabama

This is an evolving list of those cases we have created articles about. These are the North America. We have, at the time of writing, 400 other cases described from across the world in all age groups. If you include all North American cases it runs to over 10 pages at the moment from that continent alone. Below are images, if you click on any you can go to the full article.

Edward ‘Mitt’ Croley

Edward ‘Mitt’ Croley, 1991. He never arrived at school. Last seen on a junction in Albany. His remains were found in woodland in January the next year. Click the image. New York, 14 years old


Kelly Lynn Albright

Kelly Lynn Albright, 1970. 12 years old, abducted and murdered from her Kansas Home. Click the image.


Mary Olenchuk

Mary Olenchuk, this 13 year old was abducted while going to the store in August 1970. She was found strangled. Maine.


Dalton Scott Rollins

Dalton Scott Rollins, five years old. He and his mother were murdered in 2002. Alabama


Brendan Abernathy

Brendan Abernathy was just 12 years old when he and his father were murdered in their home. California, 1997. Click the image.


Dana Bradley

Dana Bradley,14. Newfoundland teenager who was abducted in 1981. Her body was found with her school book under her arm. She had been sexually assaulted. Click the image


Sharon Gallegos

Sharon Gallegos was playing outside of her grandmother’s home in New Mexico. She was abducted. A body was found in Arizona days later but not linked to the abduction. It took years to identify the remains found in the desert as her. 1960. Four years old. Click image


Evan Chartrand

Evan Chartrand,14. Neither he nor his mother have been seen since 2017. Highly suspicious circumstances after they disappeared from their Alabama home. Click image.


Joy Sims

Joy Sims,11. She and her parents were murdered in a home invasion killing in Florida. 1966. Click image


Polaroid Kids

The picture was dropped or placed in the car park of a convenience store in Florida in 1989. The girl in the image has been said to be a 19 year old who vanished called Tara Leigh Calico. The boy is unidentified. Click the image


Deorr Kunz

Original and age progression of Deorr Kunz. This little boy went missing in the wilds of Idaho. The parents insist he just vanished. The grandfather says the child was in sight and then after a matter of minutes he was gone. A friend of the grandfather does not know much. Controversy reigns in this tragic tale. 2015. Click image.


Kyron Horman

wide grinning boy of 7. he wears glasses and a CSI T shirt.
Kyron Horman, seven, this picture was taken just before he disappeared. Massive searches, plenty of accusations and like the little child above no sign of this smiling boy. Oregon, 2010. Click image


The Martin Family

The Martin family in happier times. Donald is to the left of his mother Barbara and father Kenneth is on the right of the couch. Also there is Virginia 13, Susan 11, and Barbara ( Barbie) 14.
The family went out to gather foliage to make Christmas decorations in 1958. Two of the girls were found floating in a river. It is believed the family were controlled, killed and their car driven into the water.  Oldest son Donald was not with them when they disappeared. Portland, Oregon. Click image.


The Investor Murders

From Alaskan State Archives. The Investor on fire. This boat was the scene of a mass shooting. Members of the crew, the owner and his family were gunned down onboard. The child victims were small children, five and four years old. Their mother, Irene Coulthurst, was pregnant at the time. Craig, Alaska, 1982.


Sherry Lynn Marler

This is an image of Sherry Lynn Marler taken earlier than 1984. Please note her hair was longer. This 12 year old has not been seen since visiting her home town in Alabama in 1984. I do acknowledge sightings that were made later, however, I am not sure of their accuracy. Click the image.


Shelby Wright

Shelby Wright card as distributed by the Snohomish cops ,Washington. The lad was between various addresses all were regarded as safe by his mother. It was summer and he was known to move between friend’s of the family and relatives. Then he disappeared. 2004, Shelby was 14 yeas old at the time.


Rosie Tapia

Rosie Tapia was just six years old an autopsy revealed she had been sexually assaulted before being killed. She had been taken from her bedroom in the early hours of 13th August 1995.





We will keep this up to date. Any new North American cases we write about involving children will be placed here. If you have any particular ones in mind let us know. To fit with our website goals they need to be either unsolved murders or disappearances that the police have pursued as if they might be. The contact details are on the top of the website.

A list of UK children from between 1960s and 2000 can be found by clicking here.


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