Serious Suspicion: Susan Osbourne And Evan Chartrand Vanish,USA,2017.

Evan Chartrand,14. Neither he nor his mother have been seen since 2017. Highly suspicious circumstances after they disappeared from their Alabama home.

If ever there was a missing person case that was not a missing person case it is this one. I was on the periphery of a murder case years ago where the detectives were sure they knew who had done it. They were so certain and they claimed the family of the offender had done a sterling job of cleaning up and aiding him. Nails had been cut right back, clothes had been washed to a point they were going to dissolve and training shoes had disappeared. I wrote about this in an update of the murder of Roland Carmagnole.

Here you have a mother and son who disappear on 29th May 2017. All the suspicion is there, all the circumstantial elements appear in place, but four years on no-one has been charged.

The Disappearance

Susan,43, and her 14 year old son lived in Wetumpka, Alabama. Also living there was second husband, Jerry. Around the 29th May that year Susan and Evan stopped talking to anyone. No texts, no emails, no anything. Ms Osbourne was living quite a way from her family. Her best friend had just moved to Florida. So there was no-one close to just call by.

Susan ‘Susie’ Osbourne
Son, Evan. Neither seen or heard from since May 2017.

Her mother was concerned. However it was not totally out of character for Ms Osbourne to go quiet. It took two months before alarm bells sounded and the local cops were asked to call. When they did they found Ms Osbourne’s car in the driveway and Jerry cleaning the house.

Jerry told a simple tale. On Memorial Day his wife had said she was leaving him. A car with a guy in it pulled up and she and Evan got into it. That was that.

On this would someone help me out? The reports say Memorial day. I asked Google when that was and they said 1st July 2017. On the Sherriff’s department link below they say 29th May? 

The cops went away and made some enquiries. When they returned Jerry was cleaning again. It turns out that in the two months it took for anyone to look for mother and son he had done a lot more than brush up. The house had been re modelled. Furniture and bits had been consumed in a series of fires. Fires that neighbours found obnoxious as they could smell plastic fumes in the air. Floors had been replaced and surfaces painted.

A Curious Background

I’m not pointing the finger at Jerry. There are lots of people out there doing it already. For all that it looks bad on him I was curious that he has never been arrested and interviewed. Now that is unusual for someone who is so roundly vilified. Maybe you might know if this is true or not?

As the cops dug and searched they uncovered several things. One of these was there were serious issues in the relationship. A friend said Ms Osbourne was planning to leave her husband. She says that he controlled Ms Osbourne and watched her every move. In addition, Ms Osbourne had found out that Jerry had been a male escort. She identified suggestive pictures of him online. Worse for any relationship is the suggestion that this lifestyle was ongoing.

I do feel here I am stealing someone’s thunder though. I got most of this information from a YouTube channel. I don’t tend to do that as you know. Sure I will share some Crimewatch UK, Unsolved Mysteries and police appeals, but not normally the smaller stuff. This program is a real show as opposed to a web sleuth opinion piece. Also I watched the presenter interview the cops, the friend and try and chat with Jerry. So here it is:

I don’t know how much of the above is true. I am not there and do not have any more than you have on this. For every thing about humans that looks certain you have to allow for them to surprise you. If it is all true then it illustrates a point I keep going on about.

Often the cops know what went on. Having the evidence is a long way off just knowing. I would rather live where strong evidence is needed than a place that could lock you up on flimsy stuff.  Regardless my concern is for the mother and her son. Whatever happened it does not look like it was any shade of good.

Some links are below if you can help with this mystery that doesn’t look so mysterious.

Take Care


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