A Reasoned Crime Approach

For years we have absorbed crime and its history. For a long time we had direct involvement in the justice system.

On 21st February 2021 Tim was nagged by a particular set of cases. These are three aging murders from Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire. He felt that the names of the victims should be remembered as much as possible. These people, Janet Brown, Dr Spike Meenaghan and Carolann Jackson, started what has become a bit of an obsession.

Now, as I write, we have many, many articles remembering victims of crimes where their killer escaped justice.  The content is mostly about unsolved cases and the aim is not just to memorialise the innocent dead.

All over the internet are ‘web sleuths’ who proclaim all manner of theories. Often they get it wrong and in doing so they do harm. A good example of this is the unfortunate, accidental death of Elisa Lam. If you click on her name you will see we have written an article that is scathing of some who dabble in crime on the web. It also illustrates clearly what Reasoned Crime Chronicle is about.

Here we will try and be as logical as possible. Where we fail then please pull us up and we will correct anything and credit you for giving us a clip around our illogical ear. Only what can be cross referenced (at least in the press) is written here. If we give an opinion it is only ever that and it will be clear we are not claiming to have ‘solved’ anything.

We don’t have the police files, we were not there and so in the vague hope of sparking a bit of information we will never create controversy or conspiracy where there are no grounds for it. That is where we see this site as somewhat different to many others. At the heart of all unsolved crimes are the victims. The least we owe them, when writing about them, is respect and an adherence to the publicly known facts.

Stay Safe

Faye, John T and Tim