Who Is The Man Found On Sulphur Mountain In 1998? A Canadian Mystery

2018 Sketch

On 11th July 1998 a Banff National Park guide came across a man’s remains. This is said to be a few miles from the Banff on an impressively named mountain called Sulphur.

Sulphur Mountain is named so because of the sulphur springs at its base. The area is just south of Banff which is west of Calgary, Alberta

The remains were identified as male and the person was probably between 25 – 30 years old when he died. The 25 year old mark is a guess. Broadly speaking experts say he is between 19 and 35. Here is an idea of the terrain.

The site is described as being on the backside of the mountain and Cosmic Ray Rd is mentioned. The road is a trail like track that was originally built to allow research traffic into the mountain area.

The accounts don’t hazard as to why they think this man died and as there is no criminality mentioned this post is a little to one side of our usual subject matter. However, he is estranged from his family so to get word to them he has been found would be good. Also we have covered some similar stories before.

Those that spring to mind are Isdal Woman, Plaza Woman and Kambo Man.  Those had an air of mystery and possible international intrigue about them granted. That said none have been identified or claimed by anyone in all those years.

This guy left behind some belongings, maybe that might jog someone’s memory:

Keys, some of which would have fitted a 1970s/80s Chrysler. A wallet with the words ‘Amity’ on it. A War Amp tag, two photographs ( that appear to have been damaged by the elements). The war tag was accompanied by a T.B Vets Tag. These tag systems are where you get them and you can register an address. The idea is if you lose your keys they can be returned to you. They still seem to be going today.

A hand written note in one of the tags said:

The T.B Vets organisation is based in Vancouver so I guess it is their note.

The cops did get an address to follow and so this should have been nothing more than a routine. However, they led to a dead end. It was written on the back of one of the photos. The address was a Quebec one:

524 6 ieme ave Nord, St-Antoine, J7Z-5H9. That is in the Saint-Jérôme area 55 km ( 30 plus miles) north west of Montreal.

They believe his remains would have been there since 1995 or earlier. They also suggest he may have suffered from rickets as a child.

The keys found near his remains, front and back

These are the two composite images of the man. These were done over a decade apart.

2001 Sketch
2018 Sketch. Described as about 5 ft 10 inches tall (177cm approx) Caucasian,

Finally the photographs from his wallet.

Decidedly haunting now but maybe these people are still alive and they can solve this mystery.

Any ideas? I have read through online reports and the Crimestoppers appeal. The links are below.

Cheers Tim

Another similar wilderness case is that of Dervish Adili. No remains have been found but aging belongings were traced to a man. His family had no idea where he had gone even less that he might have vanished in Alaska so far from his Chicago roots.









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  1. i have as suggestion for a case you don’t seem to have. Three bizarre murders in Louisiana in 1978/1979 near New Orleans. Ive been fascinated by these little known murders. Dennis turcotte feb 1978,mark richardson 1978 and Daniel dewey nov 1979. Its the method of murder which is fascinating in these cases. I would just like to say this is a fantastic site.

    1. Hey Mr Brown it’s John. He doesn’t moderate anymore. Faye and I do. Thank you for what you said. I am not familiar with those names and I will take a look at them. As for the other issue I took out that line, we stick to the case attached to the comments. Your thoughts are known and noted though. Cheers

  2. those cases i mentioned are truly fascinating. Daniel dewey was dealt a bad hand in life and his death wa sworse. He was the second of four boys born in California in early 60s. HIs father deserted family then his mother wwas killed in an accident. THe boys went from relative to relativin 1979 he was homeless and went on the run in october after being caught with a bike with no license. THere were rumours of male prostitution etc and was found dead in louisiana in november tied up in this bizarre hogtie rigging. his family didnt miss him he had no identification and was buried in a paupers grave. A 9 year old boy from village became a policeman in the 90s and wanted to identify this boy. finally in 2008, 29 years after being murdered ,deweys family found out what had happened. I think my interest in this apart from the method of murder is just the sadness of it.

    1. I just had a quick look at those and that is real cluster, cool. As I say I will have a look at it more in the week. Quite a specific MO, I wonder where the killer went. I’ll have a look around for similar unless you have already come across them. Just so you know, weekends we often will not see comments from mid/ late afternoon Friday until Monday. Even then it can be a bit hit and miss if the weather is good and the fish are biting.

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