January 16, 2004 – Orville Donovan Gordon

atrists impression of a male found on the coast of the uk

Mr Gordon was found at the bottom of a very famous natural landmark. It has been the scene of many falls and deliberate self harm. However, there was no doubt he had been killed and rolled off the top of the cliff by someone

Mr Gordon, 39, was found dead in a barrel at the bottom of Beachy Head, near Eastbourne, Sussex, UK. The police inquiry eventually connected him via DNA to what is thought to have been the scene of his murder.

google map of beachy head, Sussex, south coast of england

Mr Gordon was stabbed with a screwdriver. The wound ruptured his kidney and that is the injury that caused his death. Blood found in a Brixton cafe contained his DNA.

An unusual aspect is the blood stain was only found when cops were investigating an unrelated crime at the premises.

The victim had been bound and had a plastic bag over his face when he was discovered. A BBC article mentioned that it is thought the motive was revenge over a robbery. They also state the cafe was disused when police recovered the DNA.

The article quotes Sussex Police:

Det Insp Jeff Riley said, ‘It took us some six weeks to identify him and trace him up to London. We then commenced inquiries up and around the Brixton area, but again people were extremely reluctant to talk to us. It was extremely difficult for us to gather any witness information.’

A few sources mention people being arrested during the murder hunt but no-one was charged.

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