22nd October 1966: The Murder of Three Members Of The Sim Family, USA.

Joy Sim,11. Sheand her parents were murdered in a home invasion killing in Florida. 1966

On this day father, mother and youngest daughter were murdered in their home. Two older daughters were out of the suburban Florida house for the evening. At about 10.45 pm a neighbour heard a disturbance floating on the air. She thought it was older children causing a nuisance.

When daughter Virginia returned at 11.15pm she found her father, mother and little sister murdered. Dr Robert Sim, 42, had been shot in the head. Helen Sim,34, had been shot in the leg and head. 12 year old Joy had been shot and then stabbed 7 times.

Muriel Court. The Sims’ home was on the right of this picture. Click the image for the full article

I wrote a full account of this quite strange triple homicide. I keep a list of the dates of cases I find as I wander around the internet. This was a particularly sad one.  There is a lot of discussion online about this case. Notably, one of those convicted by rumour also appears defending his name.

Back on this night, all those years ago, you had a close loving family of five. Their Tallahassee home was a spacious single storey dwelling with a good bit of garden all around. In 1966 what could go wrong in a neighbourhood like that? Well it did and the killer or killers are still unknown.

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