The Unsolved Disappearance Of Lyn: Palmer Another Dog Walker Case.

Laura Lyn Palmer

If you look on this website you will see many killings that share common traits. One reoccurring theme is about women walking their dogs in rural areas. Here is another case. At this time the lady is missing, however, the circumstances do give rise to suspicion that a crime has been committed.

Fall River Mills, California.

Lyn Palmer was 71 years old when she vanished. This lady had been a nurse for many years in the area of Falls River Mills, California. On 20th April 2018 she had been doing volunteer work at a local Thrift store. She called home and her husband Bob was there. She collected a dog she and Bob were minding for his daughter. Her plan was to go for a 15 minute walk with the animal. Her home is reported to have been on the 23000 block of Cassel Fall River Road.

Open terrain of scrubland and trees. Google doesn’t allow street view on the roads so that gives an indication of the remote nature of the area.

As time went by and she did not return concern began to grow. A casual search along her normal route resulted in the alarm being raised. There was no sign of her or the dog.

Shasta County Sherriff’s Department co-ordinated a large scale hunt for Lyn Palmer. Shasta County search and rescue teams scoured the rural terrain. The teams used dirt bikes, jeeps and horses. A Highway Patrol helicopter also joined the effort. Nothing was found.

Tracker dogs later followed scent to an abandoned trailer and then on to a main road. There the trail ended.

The Devil In These Unsolved Disappearances Is In The Detail

Mrs Palmer was said to have been suffering some memory issues. The family stress this was minor stuff, but it had become a bit more prominent in recent months.  Such things can lead to a situation like this. However, the onset of dementia and the aging process can take a long time to create a situation like this. Usually the memory loss has become more pronounced by that time, a lot more than was the case with Mrs Palmer.

She was retired, but she was active and that day had worked fine in her volunteer job.  At first the cops were viewing her memory as being a primary factor. Later a detective in charge of the case said he was no longer sure it was the main cause of Lyn Palmer going missing.

Laura Lyn Palmer

A detail has emerged that suggests there was more to this than a tragic dementia type episode. The dog Mrs Palmer was walking was called Lucy. Lucy returned to the house after four days. Folk brought her into the house and food and water was provided. Lucy took some water but no food. Hardly definitive I admit, but her condition was also described as good. The breed is a hardy one, an Australian type called a Blue Heeler. It could have foraged but combined with the scent of them being lost at the main road and the dog not apparently being all that hungry there are questions to be answered.

Dog Walking Women In Rural Areas

From the UK to the USA and around the globe to Australia and New Zealand there is a theme that is alarming. Here on Reasoned Crime Chronicle we have 10 cases documented. Mrs Palmer’s situation will make 11. All women walking a hound in a familiar rural area. All but one of these cases became unsolved murders.

I have a theory that a dog can give people a false sense of security. Folk can feel comfortable wandering into remote terrain they would otherwise avoid. Once there if they see something that makes them feel uneasy they may push on regardless. Not only do I think there are human predators that prey on women walking a dog in the woods I can give one clear example. If you are interested in this subject please drop me a line. I have linked a few cases below.

Mrs Lauralyn Palmer

Staying on the point. This lady went missing about 4.45 pm. She is described as about 140 ponds ( 63kilos ) and 5ft 2 inches ( 157 cm) tall. She wears thick glasses, brown eyes and at that time had shoulder length brown hair.

There is another aspect to such disappearances that needs to be considered. I stress that in this case there are strange elements that lean towards foul play. Sometimes, however, there are the strangest of explanations for people going missing. You might find these other cases of interest:

Nadine Moses 

Flora Stevens

Gail Delano

Take Care


This case was where one offender killed a woman while walking her dog and when released attacked another. Click here.

Other unsolved cases that are similar to this one are: Lyn Bryant, Helen Fleet, Kate Bushell, Julia Webb, Toyah Cordingley and Kirsty Bentley

Lauralyn Palmer