Adventures With A Purpose: The Case Of Nadine Moses

The 2011 Ford Edge Mrs Moses was driving was found on the river bed about 40ft (12 m) out from this shoreline.

In case you have missed this YouTube channel ‘Adventures With A Purpose’ might be of use to you. I say this might be of use to you because their searches balance out some of the mysterious and sinister aspects of a missing persons case. As we know bad things happen and they are not always because of an untraced killer.

These volunteers basically recover missing people from waterways. Following the very sad accident that claimed 84 year old Nadine Moses they brought answers to a grieving family.

This elderly lady got up very early on 4th May 2021. Her home was in Casco Township, Michigan. The neighbourhood is located south of Lake Michigan and north of Lake St Clair. Her phone was fully charged, she had no issue busying herself for the day. She went out to do errands, however, her dementia made her day a tragic one. She was out and about by 5 am. The last ping from her cell phone was at 5.12 am after that the phone was dead.

84 year old Mrs Moses had been married for 62 years when her husband passed away in 2018.

The theory was that her condition had her out and about thinking it was later in the day.  The authorities did not believe there was foul play involved. They and the family pointed out that her house was left as if there was nothing unusual about her day. The bed was made, the place was in order.

Running to the east of her home is Marine City. East of there is the St Clair River. Law enforcement looked at CCTV and put together the theory that this poor lady had driven into the water. Part of this was because the phone signal stopped abruptly in a way experts believe indicated sudden immersion.

The experts who said this are from a group called ‘Adventures With A Purpose’. Their channel on YouTube is immensely successful as are their diving exploits. In short they take on underwater searches for people such as Nadine Moses.

They found Mrs Moses. Using high end sonar they searched the side of the river that was most likely. Sadly the SUV the lady had been driving showed up. They dived on the spot and confirmed it was who they were looking for. Her vehicle had gone into the water from an industrial site and turned upside down. It was not a natural place for anyone to have looked for her car. It was not a place anyone would have expected Mrs Moses to be.

The 2011 Ford Edge Mrs Moses was driving was found on the river bed about 40ft (12 m) out from this shoreline.

I recommend their channel to you. For me they are a counter to some of the ideas that surround missing people. They have found many folk this way, we humans do strange things and out there in the world are waterways, crevices, woods, forgotten diggings, cave systems and of course other humans. I will try and remember that when looking at missing person cases like this. I will try and remember that until solved, all possibilities are equal unless serious evidence exists to the contrary.

Personal Note: I am not a big fan of the channel for one reason yet I can’t directly criticise their expertise. I saw an early one they did on the Martin Family Disappearance  in 1958. It seemed rather self serving. They spent a fair amount of time talking about exercise programs amongst other things. These days the format is sombre, professional and respectful. I will look at their stuff when it suits me rather than being a regular viewer. 

The video is below. Best thoughts to the family of Mrs Moses.

We tend to only cover missing persons when there are suspicious circumstances. These cases have suspicion attached to them but are also sudden disappearances: Jean Johnson, Abbie Flynn, Mike Hearon, and Chelsea Poorman or search missing suspicious on the this website. Sadly there are too many to list.

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