Sinister Circumstances: The Disappearance Of Christine Starrine Byrd, USA

Mrs Byrd would be about 72 years old now

Christine Starrine Byrd was cooking food when she vanished. It was left cooking on the stove and she has not been seen since 27th May 1992. This took place in Tyler, Texas at 2405 Pineburr. Ms Byrd was 42 years old at the time and her case is listed on the Tyler police website.

Tyler is situated west of Dallas.

The sudden disappearance of anyone in those circumstances would be suspicious. It is especially sinister because of the links this event had with the kidnapping of an eight year old boy in November 1991.

8 year old, Ernest Chadwick ‘Chad’ Choice.

The child was called Ernest Chadwick ‘Chad’ Choice. He had been in his bedroom when he was taken. Ransom demands followed yet the kidnapper did not follow through when the family tried to pay up. Information was obtained that suggested his abduction was because his uncle owed drug money. In 1995 the boy’s skull was left on the uncle’s porch. A lowlife called Patrick Horn was convicted of murder. This made little difference to him because he was already doing life without parole anyway. His previous crimes had been car jacking and robbery.

There was no sign of forced entry at Ms Byrd’s home. Then again it was May and all it took would have been for a door to have been propped open as she cooked. Anyone could have walked straight in. I saw that she may have been wearing a lot of jewellery to the value of about $25,000. In 1992 that would have been even more significant than it is today. People have disappeared for way less reason than that alone.

Ms Byrd’s home is on the right

How she is meant to have been tied into that cruel child murder I don’t know for sure. Mentions in various sources, I trust, say she ‘may have known’ something about who and why the lad had been killed.

Patrick Horn led cops to the boy’s body when he was arrested. He claimed he had not killed him. It had been vicious Columbian drug dealers and he had been ordered to hide the child’s body. Unfortunately I cannot say more. Rumour that Ms Byrd had something to do with this even as a witness remains rumour unless I hear different. It is also possible that she was taken for other reasons. I guess there is even a chance she fled suddenly from the house only to vanish of her own accord. That last bit sounds highly unlikely.

Mrs Byrd would be about 72 years old now

This lady is described back then as about 5′ 8″ tall ( 1.75 cm) and weighing approximately 160 pounds (72 kg). Another missing persons site has her height as much shorter, but the one I have written comes from the Tyler police description.  Their website is below.

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Christine Starrine Byrd