The Agonising Search For Five Year Old, Michael ‘Monkey’ Vaughan, USA

This little lad was wearing a Mincraft shirt and was wearing blue briefs

It is an agonising search for Michael ‘Monkey’ Vaughan. It started on Tuesday 27th July 2021 in a town called Fruitland, Idaho. This 3′ 7″ (109cm) little boy is said to have weighed in at only 50 pounds ( 22.6 kg) he was last seen near SW 9th Street at about 6.30 pm. 

The mentions of this lad in various press releases are numerous and quite fragmented. Michael answers to the name Monkey. He was at home with his father and siblings. His dad went out of the family room for a short time and when he came back Michael was not there. He had a look around for him and then fear set in.

This little lad was wearing a Minecraft shirt and black boxer briefs

The family say that this child seldom went outside alone and on the odd occasion he has slipped out he was never further than the end of the street.

Michael’s mother took a call from her frantic partner while she was at work. She dashed straight home. By the time she got there the cops and community were forming up to search for the missing boy.

All these months later, after massive searches and enquiries, where Michael is remains a mystery.

Ms Neal ( mother) said in a December article, ‘Somebody has to know something, somebody has to have seen something and we just try to keep pushing forward.’

The last I could see the hunt is in part for a 2016-2020 Honda Pilot vehicle:

They are also looking to identify a male, dark hair, who was wearing a white T shirt and black shorts. He was seen on SW 8th St.

Both of these sightings are from the crucial time period.

Neighbourhood CCTV has been scoured as have drains and garbage bags. From what I can see no stone has been left unturned looking for this child. Every time this happens we must wonder how it happens. Like all the other cases we have featured here, Allen Redston, Genette Tate, The Raggett case, Madeleine McCann, Sharon Gallegos and Mary Boyle. They are just there and then gone.

I watched an attempted abduction on YouTube recently. It gives some answers. It is a fast and predatory attack. There is hardly any time for a victim to react and the smaller they are the more vulnerable they are. Of course there is also the soft talk method of old. That is when a perpetrator engages a child in conversation and asks for help or offers an enticement.

Though rare, just the risk of these abductions has changed the way children live. They seem ever watched and ever shepherded. It only takes a few minutes of inattention and they can become victims. Anyone who has had children knows that inattention is going to happen no matter how good you are. In the case of Michael Vaughan he was actually safe in his house. Then you think of a warm July afternoon and suddenly something occurs to this five year old and out he goes. All he did was leave the room. It is as scary as hell.

Our thoughts are with all those seeking the truth about the case of Michael ‘Monkey’ Vaughan.



Below are a few links. Also I have included a link to the YouTube media report of that attempt abduction. The man failed and was arrested.