On this website are so many stories of horror. We have been writing about unsolved murders and suspicious missing cases solidly for 17 months. So many victims and so much misery caused by low life predators. Many of the tales that end in brutal tragedy happen in the home.

In this 43 minute interview with, long time burglar, Michael Durden there is a wealth of tips on protecting your home. In my place I have little that is worth stealing. However, I do have living breathing things that I care about.  They are priceless. You only need to look at the cases of burglary/ homicide we have written about to see the need for reviewing your home  security.

Here is the link to the Texan interview. I do have a sold background in security advice, this is the best such review I have seen.


If you need any convincing about the risks, I have listed a large number of awful home invasion/ burglary style crimes you could consider. I wish I could say the names below were all we could find.

Janet Brown,

Esther Soper,

Albert and Joan Musalo,

Aileen Conway,

Elsie Freeman,

Jaqueline Palmer Radford

The Shakoor Family,

The Smith Family,

The Sim Family,

Julie Pacey,

Allan Wood,


John T