Domestic Abuse Or Danger: The Hand Signal For I Need Help

I just saw this on my Twitter feed. If you see someone making this signal they need help.

The hand signal has been successfully used and I think is a really worthwhile thing to circulate. Here it is in an image from the Women’s Funding Network. They were the ones to start the idea which spread on Tik Tok. Alas I only just heard about it.

Though it was billed as the violence at home signal it is now being promoted as a general signal of ‘I NEED HELP NOW.’ As the video shows it can be used at any time the kidnapper/ abuser is distracted.

These pages are full of tragedy and hideous violence against vulnerable people. Many of the cases involve an element of abduction or prolonged abuse. If you see it, please use your phone and get the person help. Be aware of your own situation/ ability and training if you act directly.

People have followed cars discretely and called the cops for example. The aim is to save not risk further harm. Finally, if you read this, and like me were clueless, share the signal. Especially make vulnerable members of your family aware of it, male and female. I would ask you to push the information to those that might be busy ‘growing up’ with the short attention span that comes with it.

Take Care