When People Go Missing: Hiker Mysteries, Todd Hofflander, USA

A snap shot of the terrain we are talking about

This is not a new subject to us. We have posted about Missing Persons Mysteries along with another very popular YouTuber called Mr Ballen. Here is a new channel to us that joins the others in just giving the facts.

‘Missing Enigma’ is best evaluated by you having a look at one of their videos. This is the case of Todd Hofflander. He went hiking with a friend in Idaho in 2010. The plan was to scout likely deer hunting areas for the up and coming season. Mr Hofflander began to experience pain in his knee. His companion went back to civilisation via a rougher route. Apparently he planned to get a boat and come back down the Snake River to pick his friend up. The last time Mr Hofflander was seen alive was on 26th September (also mentioned is 27th elsewhere).

Update: I removed the video as it is causing an issue with this post and the size of it according to the data checks I run re performance of the site. Please click here to go to it.

Suffice to say the man went missing and for a long time the search went on. He had had his dog with him, a black Labrador. The animal was located in October, several weeks after his owner disappeared. It seemed in reasonable condition and lacked any real signs of hardship. Unfortunately it could not help locate Mr Hofflander.

His remains were finally recovered almost 10 years later in April 2020. He was in thick brush some distance away from his stated route. The trail he had said he would follow would have led to a shack . There he was to wait for the boat to arrive.

A snap shot of the terrain we are talking about

In the video the host goes through a lot of mysterious features. They exist despite this being, on the surface, a simple enough tragedy. Notably Mr Hofflander’s backpack etc was found in reasonably good condition given that 10 years had gone by. However, his prized revolver was missing from his holster. So where did that go? Were his remains previously found by someone who just took the weapon without reporting the location? Did predation or weather scattering the remains and gun? There appeared to have been no such dramatic event. A camera was still there and the holster was with the rest of the equipment . Unfortunately Mr Hofflander had not taken any photographs on it. The memory had been full from before he even set out.

Todd Hofflander.

Have a look at the Missing Enigma video. The format is really good, they use drawings of high quality to illustrate some of it. The script seems very logical and all possibilities are looked at.

From our point of view, all we know is strange things happen out in the wilds of these big countries. What can look suspicious can be explained as simple misadventure years later when someone is found. However, on occasions the pieces don’t fit with a straight forward case of misadventure.

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