Missing Persons Mysteries: A YouTube Channel Well Worth A Look

As with Mr Ballen and That Chapter on YouTube we think that Missing Persons Mysteries is well worth a mention here.  The channel is simply well done and the host has the sort of voice that makes even cynics like us at RCC want to trust him.

The content is almost exclusively wilderness disappearances. The delivery is calm and logical. The host does delve into esoteric or cryptozoological explanations but there is no assertion of definite conclusions like some. It is refreshing to come across another channel that just tells the story without going into half thought out drama.

Click the image for the YouTube channel.

I would recommend you check out this guy’s videos. We have taken a couple of those he mentioned and looked into them. These include the disappearances of Abbie Flynn and the vanishing of  Jean Johnson. Currently Tim is working through a back catalogue. He has tinnitus and tends to fall asleep wearing ear phones and listening to YouTube documentaries. The stuff he falls asleep to might indicate there is something wrong with him, but keep what I say just between us. He is noting down so many potential unsolved murders that you can expect more stories to come from Missing Persons Mysteries in the future.

In fairness to us at RCC the format of the channel is one where brief mention is given to most cases and we then expand on some. Missing Persons Mysteries puts out a huge volume of missing person detail and helps spread the word about the incredible number of people who seem to end their time in the woods and wilds of the USA.

Is something going on out in those woods? That is a key part of the channels direction. As we like to refer to Conan Doyle we are not a publication to dismiss any possibility out of hand. We do remain sceptical to a large degree that disappearances are caused by anything other than humans or nature yet we are open to being shown otherwise.

‘When you have eliminated all which is impossible, then whatever remains, however improbable, must be the truth.’ The Case-Book of Sherlock Holmes, 1927.

The channel also does some in depth studies and they too are produced with a gentle class that others could learn from.

Here is one of their more recent videos that charts three groups of people that were miraculously saved from a nasty fate. In the film it makes reference to a case we previously covered in an article on wilderness vanishings. Anyway have a look through their video list. There are amazing stories that can lift the heart and very many mysteries to puzzle over.

Best Thought to you all.

John T