The Unsolved Homicide Of Vikki Toups: Des Allemands, Louisiana, 2003

Ms Toups and the sketch of a man said to have been looking for her that night.

This 38 year old woman was last seen walking near Highway 90 in the early hours of the morning, 11th October 2003. At about 7.45 am her badly beaten body was found in a ditch between Old Spanish Trail and the highway.

Des Allemands, Louisiana. This place is not to far south of New Orleans

A motorist was driving along the connecting road called LA 635 when he saw Ms Toups’ body. In a 2014 interview with the Herald Guide, local police said that they believed that this lady had been killed elsewhere and then maybe rolled out of a car at the place she was found.

LA-635 as it looked in 2008, five years after the murder. This spot is just to show the terrain with the ditch at the side. The crime scene was close by

Ms Toups had some problems that she was dealing with and was known to locals. The police stated she was known to hitchhike a lot and so there was the possibility that she met her killer that way. There was information that in the early hours, when she was last seen, an unidentified man was actively looking for her. The reasons for this are not publicly known. He is said to have been driving a white car and a sketch was created in the hope of locating him.

Looking at the modern Google image of LA635 and the one five years after the murder it makes more sense why the place was chosen to leave Ms Toups’ body. One side of the country cut through has now been built on. Back then it was largely empty.

The cause of death was blunt force trauma, but it may have been fists and feet that were used. Also the police do not know if there was one strong assailant or even several. When last seen Ms Toups was in the Boutte area about 5 miles ( 8.4 km) closer to New Orleans. She was wearing denim shorts and a white shirt.

Ms Toups and the sketch of a man said to have been looking for her that night.

Somewhere out there is a murderer who will be likely to kill again. Who was out that night and maybe returned with blood on them or some other indication they had been fighting? Did they tell you it was bar fight or similar? Are they violent to women and possibly involved in criminal activity? Do you want rid of them? Call crimestoppers or the cops below.

Any information about Vikki Toups? Call this number

We have covered two other murders that occurred on 13th October. In 2011 Jolene Cote’s was killed outside of her Canadian home and in 1996 Joseph Jowers was killed outside of an Alabama bar.


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