Today In Unsolved Crime: The Murder Of Jolene Cote’s, Alberta, Canada, 2011.

Mr and Mrs Cote's

This 36 year old lady was found murdered outside of her Spruce Grove home on 13th October 2011. The police have not released the cause of death and have made a point of stating the motive was not robbery.

This well regarded teacher and mother was found by her husband at about 6am. He helped his wife into their home and then called for medical aid. Sadly the victim died before they could assist her. Mrs Cote’s had been at a sporting event the night before. She then went grocery shopping at Walmart just before 11pm on 12th October. Her home was only a 15 minute ride away.

Mr and Mrs Cote’s

Mr Cote’s has since relocated to Mexico and remarried. A news report said he was no longer in contact with investigators. The mother and sisters of Mrs Cote’s are still very active in trying to find out who killed her.

CTV News reported last year that the police did not believe this was a random crime. An RCMP spokesperson said:

‘We don’t believe that the crime that was committed was by a cold-blooded killer. The information at the scene, the evidence at the scene suggests to us that this was a highly emotional crime, and that there’s an emotional link.’

The cops have ruled it a homicide, but remain tight lipped about the details.

RCMP Sgt. Kiel Samotej of the Major Crimes Unit told CBC news in 2021:

‘We do have a suspect in the investigation, but at this time I’m not going to publicly name anybody,’ he went on to appeal for information regardless. The officer stressed that if there was anyone with information they should not keep it to themselves. He appealed for them not to assume the cops know what they know.

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