The Strange Disappearance Of Cieha Taylor, Florida, USA, 2020

I just wrote up a sad tale about a young lady called Kelly Marie Vazquez. She would now be 22 years old and she vanished in very suspicious circumstances not far from where Cieha Taylor was last seen. In the next day or so I will be posting about another young woman who also vanished within the Hillsborough County area. Once again there are some common threads. This time it was a young wife and mother called Veronica Reyes-Diaz.

I am not saying they are linked crimes. We don’t tend to do that unless there is good evidence of a connection. I’m simply stating that there are elements that are the same that are worth considering. Maybe you could look at the three cases and tell me what you see?

The young women lived in relatively close proximity to each other. Two vanished less than a 20 minute drive from Plant City and of course, Ms Taylor was in Plant City.

Cieha Taylor has been missing for over two years. On the evening of 6th February 2020 her car was found on rail tracks. She was 28 years old and had been staying at her boyfriend’s place in Plant City. Her car was found with the engine running, the driver’s door open and her wallet inside. Her cell phone was on the floor.

Ms Taylor had had her problems. However, in all the cases the families are adamant that they would not have simply walked out on their lives. From my point of view these young women did not make themselves vanish.

All sorts of things are done by people to people and an equally harm is done by the people themselves. One thing remains a fact. There is a difference between simply going missing and disappearing in suspicious circumstances.

According to the Charley Project ( USA missing person database) Ms Taylor dropped her boyfriend off at his home on Cowart Rd at 4 pm. Cowart intersects East Trapnell Rd. The rail tracks are about a mile away.

The vehicle was found at about 7 pm on the tracks on East Trapnell Rd. Obviously there is a time issue here. It is unlikely to have been there for three hours without being noticed, so where had the black Toyota Solara been?

The rail crossing in question.

There was no blood or finger print evidence to suggest anyone else was involved. The issue is when the cops found the vehicle they pushed it to one side. It would be three days before it was linked to Cieha Taylor. So some evidence might well have been lost. Also how does that happen?

I recall my patrol days. Say I had come across a vehicle in the same situation. I would have done a check via the radio and, given the phone and wallet, I would have requested a check on the keeper of the car. I mean anything could have happened. That said, in fairness to the cops, I am presuming the vehicle was licenced to Ms Taylor. Not all vehicles are correctly registered after all. Maybe you know more?

Regardless, where did she go? I have seen suggestions online that she staged the scene to deal with some issue the family don’t know about. This is all speculation ( Reddit), but I thought I would address it.

Maybe it was a cry for help. Maybe it was to make people believe she had been abducted so she could slip away from a problem. Okay, I don’t believe that because there is no evidence of it, but where did she go? Where has she been for the last two years?  A last question…If we start to presume every woman who vanishes in strange circumstances did so themselves are we not going down an illogical path? There is no evidence she was abducted that we know of. Fine, there is no evidence that she deliberately walked off leaving her phone, car, wallet or her entire life either.

I suggest, humbly, that we are better to assume Cieha needs our help until it is proved otherwise. Another reported detail raises eyebrows. Her shoes were found three weeks later. They were in an area that had been searched many times. They were not buried or in long grass. They sat on top of a drainage pipe close to where her car was found. Nearby was a missing poster placed there by family who had been out looking for her.

I have seen this before. In fact in two cases I can immediately bring to mind. Both are unsolved murders. I am not saying that this means the worst for Cieha Taylor. I am saying it could indicate a more sinister situation.

In 1985 Dexter Stefonek was found shot dead. He was discovered because a long time after he went missing someone placed items belonging to him near where his body was lying. In another case, the murder of Lynn Bryant (UK), her glasses were placed near the scene months after her murder.

I have left the links below where you can read more. For now would you keep an eye out for patterns of people going missing in your area? Maybe you could let me know about anything you think is suspicious?

Cieha Taylor would now be 30 years old

Cieha ( pronounced Kai-ah) Taylor is one of three young women who have vanished in the last couple of years from the Hillsborough County area of Florida. Of course they may have all just decided to go. What if they didn’t?

Take Care