Mary Badaracco: Another ‘Oh She Just Left Me Tale.’ Unsolved USA Murder

According to the Connecticut Department of Emergency Services and Public Protection Mrs Badaracco is a homicide victim. This is despite her never being traced. She was last in contact with a reliable witness on 20th August 1984 ( another source says the 19th).

Sherman, Connecticut.

This is another tale with a similar theme. A turbulent marriage is coming to an end. 38 years old Mary Badaracco disappeared leaving all the essentials of modern life behind her. Her husband Dominic Badaracco claimed he had given her $100,000 for her share of the house in Sherman. He was unconcerned she was missing, he did not want to report her missing. Her daughters were very concerned however and they pushed for police involvement.

A year later a bad guy in the witness protection program told investigators she was dead, she had been the subject of a hit. We report on many cases like this. Sometimes even children vanish along with their mothers.

Dominic Badaracco was later imprisoned for trying to bribe his way out a Grand Jury hearing that was set to investigate his involvement in his wife’s murder. The curious actions of some prosecutors and judges in this story is a tale all in itself. I have put plenty of  links below if you want to further look at this.

At one point the police went as far as excavating the property of an associate of Mr Badaracco looking for Mary’s car. It had been left behind when she vanished but it went missing from her drive way later. One report says that the window had been smashed in the meantime. The car was not found.

Much is written about this case yet in summary nothing is known much more today than in 1984. That is not a reflection of the amount of effort her daughters have put into keeping the ball rolling. They, and individual police officers, appear to have tried very hard. It is just the nature of the case. The motive for this alleged hit being sanctioned was that she knew of her husband and his son’s illegal activities. She is said to have threatened to expose all to law enforcement.

Of course when I say nothing more is known I write that understanding much might be understood about who did what to this poor lady. It is a simple reality that unless it can be proved details are kept back from public view for legal reasons.

This case reminds me of the disappearance of Audrey Herron. The marital background was not as dramatic and her husband has not had the level of illegal accusations made. It is the circumstances regarding the car etc that are very similar. Mrs Herron had every outward reason to leave her nursing shift and go home one night. A promotion was in the air and her children meant a huge amount to her. She and her vehicle have not been seen since a colleague watched her drive off in 2002. The local area, as in a large rural patch, has been scoured for her and the vehicle.

Audrey May Herron missing since 2002 from Catskills, New York.A more obviously sinister story is the horrific details around the disappearance of Susan Powell from Utah. In 2009  the mother of two supposedly went on a camping trip. Her husband said they all went out late on a December night. She did not come back. It was another ‘she left me’ tale. Later this abysmal human killed himself and his two young sons.

Other ‘ Aw shucks she just went’ stories we have include: Patti Adkins, Robin Pope ( was found but similar initial circs), Angela BarlowSusan ‘Susie’ Osbourne and son Evan.

Stay Safe

I don’t know if anyone in the same situation as Mary Badaracco will read this. If they do I would say that I can back up my experience when it comes to violent and dangerous men. If you are going to leave, be sneaky, don’t say what you are going to do. Smile and agree right up to the time you just go. The less they know of your plans the better it will be for you.

If you are after money you are entitled to, get clear and then use a lawyer. All the while do not underestimate how bad they can get and watch your security. Even in anger, if you know information that could get them busted, don’t threaten them. If you are going to do it, do it later.

Take care