The Unsolved Murder That Looks Solved: The Killing Of Patti Adkins, USA

29 year old Ms Patricia Adkins.

There is a principle that it is better that a 1000 guilty men go free than 1 innocent man is wrongly convicted. No doubt a sound guideline. If we had a judicial system that was allowed to openly trample on the rights of an innocent person then who would want that system? After all it could be you or I who is accused of a crime.

The disappearance of 29 year old Patricia ‘Patti’ Adkins could well tempt us to wish that principle was not always adhered to.

Ms Adkins was a single mother working at the Honda plant near Marysville, Ohio. She lived with her seven year old daughter and pets a short distance away. She had a loving family comprising of her sisters who since 29th June 2001 have been searching for her.

She finished work as a shift supervisor at the car manufacturer at a little after midnight and disappeared. That is she vanished but there is little doubt as to where she went. The story goes that immediately after that shift she was to go away with a boyfriend for a romantic time in a Canadian cabin.

There was a catch. Her boyfriend was a married colleague with children. He was, so the family say, seeing Ms Adkins and she was expecting him to leave his wife at anytime. She would then have the man she wanted and they could plan a future. They worked the same shift so we do have this long missing woman and her ‘friend’ ending their shift at about the same time.

29 year old Ms Patricia Adkins.

This man drove to work and gave a lift to another male worker as part of a car share arrangement. Ms Adkins hid in the back of her ‘friend’s’ pick up. She thought that the other worker would be dropped off and she could then jump into the pick up trip for the trip. Evidence says that she was in the back of the truck. She had dropped her cats off at a cattery on her way to work. DNA linked cat hairs in the truck bed to her animals.

The cops say blood evidence also exists but they are more evasive about the exact importance of that. I watched a True Crime Daily documentary that outlined the evidence and the search that took place for this young woman.

The ‘friend’ denied ever having a relationship with Ms Adkins. Sure they were close friends at work. Other Honda staff noted that they were very close. He denied the plan that had her hiding in his vehicle. In fact the co worker and he say they went to a fast food place after they left work. The wait for food was extraordinary. They say they had to hang out for 45 minutes before their order was filled. The ‘boyfriend’ didn’t get to his home until 2.30 am. The staff claim any wait was no more than 15 minutes.

Whatever had happened to his ‘friend’, Ms Adkins, was nothing to do with him. This man had a side line business as a mechanic and a workshop. In the YouTube account there was strong suggestion Ms Adkins had lent this man a lot of money, $90,ooo, to start a planned solo business.

His home and the garage were searched and some parts even dug over. There was no sign of the missing woman. The family and the cops are convinced that Ms Adkins is dead. They are also convinced who holds the answers. Yet this is a case of so near and still so far from a solution.

On issue, for example, is that despite forensic accountants being turned loose on this guy’s finances no trace of any money was found. The family say that they found cash bands from large sums of money in her home. She had even taken out loans to help start this business. Maybe she was getting frustrated at the lack of progress and was pushing for the cash to come back?

However, proof is needed otherwise all you have are workplace rumours of an affair, Ms Adkins saying what the plan for the trip was and missing money with no positive link to the ‘friend’. Let us not forget this man had an alibi for most of the time after the shift ended. He had another man with him.

Have a look at the documentary if you get a chance. This is a fascinating set of circumstances and tragically frustrating situation for the family.

I was really impressed with this lady’s family. The family cared for Ms Adkins daughter and raised her into a fine young woman. I wonder if they believe that adage that it is is better 1000 guilty men go free? I have a feeling they would. I do, but just sometimes I think about all of those who have just denied all until they were beyond the reach of law. Of course I am not saying this man did anything of course.

I won’t print his name, he is after all innocent till proved guilty. The cops say they have such a small sample of blood that they are hoping that they can one day use it to prove or disprove Patti Adkins was in the back of that vehicle. I guess that day could be any day. I know that would weigh heavily on my mind if I was the guilty party. Maybe we can take some solace in that.

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4 thoughts on “The Unsolved Murder That Looks Solved: The Killing Of Patti Adkins, USA

  1. Hello, this story just hits deeply and I’ve been following it for years. The drop of blood…now it’s been years since we can amplify dna or even use a spot a small as a pin head. Why hasn’t it not been tested by a reliable, reputable lab? This is the key as we all know along with the feline hairs.
    Thank you.
    Janet V

    1. Thank you very much for the comment. I wait on several such small samples to hopefully turn up the identity of a killer. I don’t know in this case, but I do see cops announce they could lose the sample in the process as science stands. So, they say, they are waiting for science to improve and take the advice of the labs. It is like so many an awful cases and must be a terrible burden on the family.

  2. Has a reputable psychic ever been consulted? A person who has worked with detectives on past cases and provided good information? I know that not all believe in taking this route, but I do think there are people out there who have enhanced abilities and may be able to help. This is just so very sad for Patti’s family and loved ones.

    1. Hey Ronda, thanks for the comment. I don’t recall anything specific about psychics and we have no experience in that field. So we wouldn’t know a good one from a not so good one. Do you know any?

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