Stalkers Are Relentless: The Unsolved Murder Of Dorothy Jane Scott, USA

Dorothy Jane Scott

Dorothy Scott was 32 years old when she was abducted in 1980. This was in Anaheim, California. The mother of one is reported to have suffered a stalker for sometime prior to her death. Her remains were found several years later. No-one has been identified as responsible for her murder.

Anaheim, California, USA. Tomtom

The Stalking Man

I can say that the most evil person I ever met was a stalker. I have to put that in perspective. I have known some very evil men, those that have done terrible, violent crimes. The stalker I knew, though never actually violent, was far worse than the worst I have known. I believe the man I knew was planning to kill, but life wore him out first.

Ms Scott had attracted a similar personality to the one I knew. She received threatening phone calls while she worked. It was a male who said he loved her. He mixed this with several variations of how he would kill her. On one occasion he placed a dead rose on her car. Then he called her and urged her to go and find his ‘gift.’ She considered getting a gun, however her son was young and she became scared he might hurt himself if he got hold of it.

The Murder

Ms Scott worked in a back room capacity in a store called The Swinger’s Psych Shop. I wondered what sort of business that was so I looked it up. Then I had to look up the explanation. Basically it was a hippy paraphernalia and smoke your cannabis outlet.  Bongs, tie dye and laver lamps, that sort of thing.

At 9pm on 28th May 1980 there was a staff meeting. During this one of the colleagues said they felt unwell. He had been bitten on the arm by an insect earlier. Ms Scott and another member of staff called Pam took him to the ER.

The injured party was treated and he and Pam waited for Ms Scott to pull her car around and give them a ride home. The car came into view. It was moving fast and the headlights glared. It went past them and disappeared. They could not see who drove it. This was at about 11 pm.

Dorothy Jane Scott

At 4.30 am Ms Scott’s Toyota was found burning about 1o miles away. It would be 1984 before her skeletal remains were found. She was side by side with a dog in a similar condition.  Ms Scott was identified by dental records.

No-one Identified

All you need do is track the stalker and you will probably have your killer? Sounds simple. Sadly there was never enough to positively identify the inadequate caller. All the enquiries, all the statements, all the theories came to nothing.

To add insult to injury the stalker calls continued. This time they were aimed at the family. The caller claimed to have Ms Scott captive and alive. The science said that, when found, Ms Scott had been there at least two years whereas the man telephoned for four.

The calls, cruel and dark, only stopped when the victims father answered one. Before then it had been his wife who had picked up the telephone. That has to be telling.

Was the stalker/killer known to the father? That was a theory and rumour said it was a certain colleague at the Swinger’s Psych Shop. Nothing has come of that though. I almost forgot, the cops did try and trace the line back to this waste of skin. He never stayed chatting long enough.

The victim’s wristwatch, which was with her body, had stopped at 12.30 am on 29th May. That indicates something dramatic occurred barely an hour after she disappeared.

Who Is Vulnerable To A Stalker?

To be honest anyone is.  If you are a big, tough person your stalker could well be weaker than you. On the surface so weak that the only person to suffer much from you ‘dealing’ with them will be you. You are the one who could lose your job or even liberty.

The one I knew would have at least inwardly laughed at any blow. They would then have played the utterly innocent victim of a ‘bully.’ Some stalkers are great at having a cheerleading section follow them. They never see the real personality of their friend. They may well pick up on them being weird. They might sometimes be surprised when the mask slips and the anger comes out. However, they will swallow the ‘poor me act.’

They will go after you via your job and your family. These days social media is a gift to stalkers. If you give them access to your world it gets worse. Anonymous complaints and usernames are their weapons. Their motives are all about control, bringing you under it or destroying you if you resist. They don’t even need anything resembling a reason.

Obviously, as in the case of Ms Scott, the fear they can instil is an added bonus. The one I knew was not physically threatening to men. No, but on at least one occasion he lined up a woman for what I believe was a murder. She didn’t identify exactly why she did not want to go into the empty 3rd floor apartment. This guy was a colleague working in a large building. The empty dwelling was under their joint responsibility. Why did he want her to go onto the balcony for no reason?

‘ Look over the edge it is quite high.’ he said as she stood in the main doorway. She made her escape.

He watched his subjects movements on FB etc. The victims were lucky he wasn’t mobile in the way it appears Ms Scott’s stalker was.

If I could come up with one word to describe the evil I knew it would be the word relentless. Relentless on a scale you had to see to believe.

There is a good article that goes into the poor lady’s story. I have put it below. As far as how to avoid a stalker getting their claws into your life?  I’d advise listen to instinct. It won’t always work, but no matter the sob story if someone feels strange stay out of their life. I am not talking about plain weird people or vulnerable people I mean… you will sense it believe me. The issue is you will be tempted to ignore that instinct.

Just a thought. If you are ever going to write about just such a personality, but have not experienced one, by all means send me an email I have all the background you would need.

Take Care

John T

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