A Third Missing Woman In Hillsborough County, Florida: Veronica Marllen Reyes-Diaz

Veronica Reyes Diaz

This is now number three. All of these women: Veronica Reyes-Diaz, Cieha Taylor and Kelly Vazquez have gone missing in  Hillsborough County within the last 30 months. Ms Reyes-Diaz was 23 years old when she vanished. The date was 18th January 2020.  She had been for a night out with friends and after getting dropped back at her home she drove to her sister’s place. There she picked up two of her children before going home. At sometime around 2 am she went back out of her house in Dover, Florida and vanished.

Cieha Taylor


The children were safe. Her husband, who had been looking after their youngest, was asleep and unaware. The baby was safe. The evening had consisted of Ms Reyes- Diaz driving the two children to her sister to mind, driving back home, getting picked up for a night out, coming home, driving to her sister’s and back home. Notably from my point of view Mrs Reyes-Diaz’s sister lived in Plant City where 19 days later Cieha Taylor would go missing.

Veronica Reyes Diaz

Mrs Reyes Diaz left her vehicle parked up, her wallet and keys were inside. Then she was gone. Her cell phone was active until Monday in that it was connected to the network, but then it went dead.

She vanished in the early hours of Saturday. After the family had made their own enquiries and could not find her they reported her missing.

Hillsborough County, Florida

This is what I have in mind. First, I have no evidence that all these women were connected or for that matter are connected now. The similarities between Mrs Reyes-Diaz and Cieha Taylor are striking yet they were not people with the same life style. Both left possessions in their cars. Both were within the same age range, both disappeared close to each other. Neither is thought by the family to have just decided to leave and neither has been found. Of course they also disappeared within two and a half weeks of each other. In addition, Mrs Reye-Diaz’s father said, in an interview with NBC News, that they did not know each other, however, they did have at least one mutual friend.

In regard to Ms Vazquez the circumstances were slightly different though her age and the location of where she lived are similar. Also there is one other point. Her shoes have been recovered from around the Keysville area. A pair of shoes belonging to Cieha Taylor mysteriously turned up weeks after she went missing.

Were All Three Of These Women Taken By Some Predator?

I don’t think so. At least not in the way we might see cases linked together on TV. The last of these  women to go missing was Kelly Marie Vazquez. She disappeared in 2021. She was last seen with a guy she had been dating and talked of going to a Tampa casino. Searches were later aimed at the Keysville area. The circumstances suggest something specific to Ms Vazquez and her circle of friends.

As for Mrs Reyes-Diaz and Cieha Taylor? They have a certain look that they share. Both shared some ethnic heritage. Both are young women and there is the Plant City link.  Ms Taylor did send texts that suggested she was in a dispute with her boyfriend and there is talk of some shady activity there. There is no public suggestion that that was the case for Mrs Reyes-Diaz.

On balance it has to be a possibility that Plant City and Hillsborough County has something going on that could involve these two women in particular.

As in all three cases there is of course a possibility they just stepped out of their lives. However, in all three cases there is a sufficient level of suspicious circumstances to raise concern. We will update on these cases as soon as we hear anything.