What Child Killer Colin Pitchfork Can Teach Us About Weak Justice?

Pitchfork, 61 years old as of 2021.

I know I have written about Colin Pitchfork before. I will do again. He is now out of prison after spending 33 years inside for the rape and murder of two 15 year old girls. He has done well. Others have died in prison for killing less people. Some are still inside as I write. Pitchfork is even able to change his name and has done once already.

Pitchfork is a teaching point rather than a teacher. We can learn from his case, but I doubt anyone would want to take advice from him.

This child killer was born in 1961. He made it to 18 years of age before he was arrested for indecent exposure. This offence is an under rated offence. I know from speaking to several women over the years that about 30% of them report being the victim of such an act. All were in semi rural areas, on a beach or footpath through woodland. All were frightened though they eventually laughed it off. It has that reputation does indecent exposure. It is seen as trivial and there is a pressure to laugh it off.

Pitchfork, 61 years old and free as of 2021.

Pitchfork killed his first victim but was not identified. In 1985 he was arrested again for indecent exposure. In amongst this he was referred for counselling at a psychiatric hospital.

Wayne Couzens, a rapist and murderer is also said to have indecently exposed himself on occasions before he killed. He has been given a life sentence that unlike Pitchfork will mean he stays in prison until he dies. He is appealing the severity of his sentence as I write. He has no chance of getting anywhere. Seldom has a killing rattled so many in power. The system would not dare cut him any slack.

There are so many examples of what are called none contact sex offenders who go one to kill. Another is a wretch of a creature called Pawel Relowicz. This guy was living and working in the UK and had been committing such offences for sometime. He went cruising around Hull in the small hours of 1st February 2019.

The Four Tops did a song in 1969 called ‘What Is A Man?’ Here is Pawel Relowicz, an example of what isn’t.

He told the court he had been looking for a woman to have easy sex with. He also said he was wanted to expose himself again. Instead he killed a lovely young woman called Libby Squires. She had been drinking and was disorientated. Relowicz acted the nice guy and got her into his car. She was found in the River Humber seven weeks later.

Her body was so decomposed the pathologist had to make an educated guess that she had been strangled. What was not an educated guess was that Relowicz’s DNA was inside her, he was caught on CCTV driving her and that was the last she was seen.

I came across another case. This one is not a killer. He is a serial sex offender though. Currently he is in gaol for exposing himself and harassing little girls. This guy likes to pick on youngsters. He terrorised one 11 year old to the point it has her scared of older men and men sitting in cars.

Richard Graham, 30, is from Bury near Manchester. He is just starting 14 months inside for these crimes. Only 14 months for a string of offences against children between the age of 11-17. When he comes out what will he do? Will he be cured? Will he be safe? Why would he be? He has been sentenced to short periods inside before for the same offences.

Naïve idiocy is encouraged in our system. It must be there as there is so much of it. I also believe it is because these  crimes are seen as harmless that offenders are not swept up before they can kill. Pawel Relowicz committed burglaries and stole underwear or flashed his inadequacy. To many ignorant hand wringers he was a victim of a sickness. Sickness needs sympathy does it not?

COVID etc yeah, but not a compulsion to terrify people while on a path to commit more serious crime. Relowicza and Pitchfork did just that didn’t they? They flashed, terrorised and then killed.

None Contact Sexual Offences Are A Chance To Stop A Killer

The drive to alarm and intimidate a woman is an obvious red flag of warning. Indecent exposure is an offence that gives us a chance to get these people before they grow in confidence. In the wake of the Wayne Couzens enquiry I am hoping that his acceleration to the ultimate crime will highlight this chance. We may just prevent people dying.

I would suggest that anyone convicted of none contact sexual offences is monitored for good. That sounds crazy. I mean they are already going to sign a register for maybe ten years…what more could society want?

It would be laughable if this wasn’t so deadly serious. They need tagging, they need monitoring. We need a new group of enforcement officers that is a directorate of Sex Offenders. The police service is not able to monitor under the current system, their numbers are too few.

Sex offenders need to be contained and if after the first offence they carry on, they need to be imprisoned. It is as simple as that. How many more Libby Squires and Sara Everards do we want? How many more victims like Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth ( Pitchfork’s victims) would we like?


Tim Hodge