No True Justice, Colin Pitchfork, Murderer, Gets A Life He Denied His Victims

Pitchfork, 61 years old as of 2021.

Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth were both fifteen years old when they had their lives ended. Both were fifteen years old and their final moments would have been filled with pain and horror. The two girls were just short of starting a freedom phase of their lives. Their heads would have been full of expectation for the future. A man took that future away. He did it not by accident, he did it deliberately. Colin Pitchfork is set to be released on parole. Is it ever a case of ‘ he paid his debt to society’ when the victims will never be able to walk the streets again?

Colin Pitchfork

At 23 years old this creature had been working at a bakers in Narborough, Leicestershire since 1976. He was married and liked to indecently expose himself. This offence involves showing your genitals to people for your own gratification. Often this is done with vulnerable people in isolated places. You know, a young girl or girls and these offenders sometimes masturbate in front of them. Extremely frightening for the victim. I know of two women who had this sort of experience when they were children.

I am aware you probably know this but I am deliberately painting a full picture of this creature in all its undignified light. He later admitted to about 1000 such incidents along with sexual assaults and occasions when he strangled his victims. That is what this creature is.

When he was later convicted of the two murders, he was diagnosed as a ‘psychopathic personality disorder accompanied with a serious psycho sexual pathology’. Granted I am quoting Wikipedia here but given his activities it is safe to presume it is true. There is no cure for this. By all means check it out. The best you can do is hope that therapy means it can be managed.

So there is this creature on 21st November 1983. Lynda Mann had been babysitting. She took a short cut home and disappeared. The usual things then happened, friends were contacted, areas she might have gone checked and the cops were called. She was found having been beaten, raped and strangled in Narborough, Leicestershire. To underline this. A girl had her life taken away and her family destroyed in a horrible callous act.

Lynda Mann,15, killed by Colin Pitchfork in 1983

The investigation was of the old school as I call it. There was no DNA evidence back then. The cops did gather evidence. They got a blood type from semen and they tried to piece everything together to find the creature. It was still a live enquiry when this cowardly monster struck again.

31st July 1986 Pitchfork did the same thing. This time Dawn Ashworth left home to visit a friend but never made it. This was in Enderby very close to Narborough. She was due home by 9.30 pm. Two days later her body was found. She had suffered the same fate. The creature overpowered her, hurt her, terrified her, raped her and killed her. No compassion, no human rights, no parole hearing to be had in the future and she had no right to appeal.

Dawn Ashworth,15, killed by Pitchfork in 1986

The game ,however, had changed. DNA profiling had just been made a possibility. Seizing on this cops did mass screening. 4000 men in the age range of 17-34 were asked to give blood samples and 98% of them did. This group was taken from the local area. There were no matches.

Meanwhile the police had focused in on a suspect. This man was reported to have suffered from learning difficulties to some degree. He confessed to one murder after much interviewing, he did not confess to the other. The DNA taken from samples at the murders exonerated him of both killings. He became the first person proved innocent by DNA comparison.  Another forensic science first.

Please note: I have deliberately not put his name. It is everywhere on the internet but in fairness to him he didn’t do it so good luck to him.

The lack of result from this new dynamic process must have frustrated the police and family. Fortunately their despair did not last long.

A woman was sat in a pub. She overheard a man saying he had been given £200 to take the test for a friend. The reason this marvellous human had agreed to do it was to protect one Colin Pitchfork. Pitchfork had told this incredible person that he wanted to avoid harassment by the cops because of his previous crimes.

What a man this was to take £200 on that pretext and masquerade as Pitchfork? Thankfully the woman who heard the conversation told the police. I thank her for that very much. She does not have to wonder if her life was worthwhile. She almost certainly saved another life, the likes of this creature would not have stopped.

19th September 1987, Colin Pitchfork (now called David Thorpe) was arrested. On 22nd January 1988 he pleaded guilty to destroying the two girls. He was given a life sentence and the judge stated he could not see a time when he would be safe for release.

Stupid people later decided that whole life sentencing was wrong. After appealing this monster was given a set sentence. At the time of writing he is due to be released back amongst us.

I say stupid people because they are. They may well be clever in the law or art or something. That is the case often. We were brought up to see high education in one thing as a sign of intelligence. It is, except intelligence is a thing that needs nurture. It needs logic not arrogance. They have not obviously dealt with the like of Pitchfork as I have done. They have not surely suffered like the family and for sure they have not suffered and been destroyed as Lynda Mann and Dawn Ashworth were.

It is a pity their intelligence did not allow them to realise they could not understand. It is a pity they could not realise no society is in need of a Colin Pitchfork.  It is a pity they could not look at the fact that these girls would never walk in the sun again and that Pitchfork had revoked his right to do so because his victims could not. They also could not understand that a psychopathic mentality can never appreciate a moral issue. It cannot comprehend compassion. It only sees that sort of thinking as a weakness it can exploit in others.

They could not see his like were what they always are. They allow the like of him to come out at only 61 years old. The legislators in this case are awful people.

So no full life sentences. Even though each murderer takes a full life. How proud I am to be British.

However much I lower my head at the state of my nation it seems this delusional ‘ compassion’ is infecting everywhere. Australia had a case that if anything out paces this one. I wrote about it a while back. Tasmania’s Jamie Curtis. He and another underage marvel kidnapped a couple. They took them on a twelve hour ride around the bush.

They killed a man, raped a 17 year old girl multiple times and psychologically tortured them. He got out recently, early 60s and solid enough that he will always be a risk. It is like these idiots in government don’t care. I think that is because…They don’t.

Latest on Colin Pitchfork ( David Thorpe)

He is due to be released as early as August 2021. Over the last week or so there has been full coverage of the issue.

Currently he is in an ‘open’ prison. One of those places where they get to go out for the day etc. HMP Leyhill is in Gloucestershire but I doubt he will stay around there. The next stage is a halfway house. He is to be tagged and monitored we are told. We are told he has been out and about on supervised leave. He has not attacked anyone that we know of. So all is fine then?

No, he will have been on his best behaviour. He changed his name by Deed Poll, it is a simple and cheap thing to do. So David Thorpe NOW but what about next month? There are no limits on the amount of times you can change your name. I doubt he will keep that especially once he leaves supervised accommodation.

There it is. This was Colin Pitchfork back in the 1980s

Pitchfork, 61 years old as of 2021.


This is how he looks now.

Colin pitchfork
Credit: Steeple Times. Click picture for their article.


Change the beard, lose a bit of weight what will he look like and where will he go. Next door to you?