Unsolved And Almost Forgotten: The Murder Of Barbara Elaine Chapman, Canada,1984.

Elaine Chapman murdered in January 1984, Frankfort, Ontario.

Many of the killings I write about are at least updated by periodic appeals. There are anniversary appeals, five yearly updates and in some cases the announcement of a DNA profile breakthrough. For some reason Britain is still signed up to a daft EU restriction on accessing some overseas websites. It is all to do with them wanting to charge media outlets. The point is in the case of Barbara Elaine Chapman in Canada, even when I use a VPN to access small news websites there is still nothing about her case.

Elaine Chapman murdered in January 1984, Frankfort, Ontario.

The two written sources I could find are a site like this and an appeal for information on the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) page. Even in the case of the police you have to access the site and do a deliberate search. It has not been updated since 2011.

The Very Brief Circumstances Of The Murder Of Barbara Elaine Chapman

The 12 year old daughter of this lady returned home. It was 23rd January 1984 at about 4 pm. The school girl could not find her mother. After a while  she went into the garage of this Frankfort, Ontario home. Her mother was found dead there. Later investigation determined this was a homicide. Ms Chapman was 38 years old and left two children. It is stated the cops have never released the cause of death.

Frankfort is on the Trent River about 13 miles north of the shore of Lake Ontario.

It is believed Ms Chapman had spent the time alone in the home that day. After a brief phone call to her mother nothing else is known about what she did before her death. This is very similar to a couple of cases we have in the UK. Jacqueline Palmer-Radford was killed in her home after speaking to her mother in 1992. As in the murder of Ms Chapman it was one of the children who found their mother upon returning home. Also there is the murder of Julie Pacey in 1994. In that case a daughter returned from school to her home in Lincolnshire and found her mother in the bathroom.

If you click on the image of Ms Chapman you can read the Canadian blogger’s account. I think it only fair that they get a hit on their website as that is the only full version of this awful killing. The author then goes on to look at a renown Canadian killer called Russell Williams. I am not convinced by that link, but in fairness, Williams was in the vicinity around that time.

I only mention the murder of Ms Chapman here because it isn’t right that this lady’s death is mostly unreported online. The cops have offered a $50,000 reward for information and so if you know anything then by all means contact them at:

1 888 310-1122 or click the link here: https://opp.ca/index.php?id=125

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