The Unsolved Murder Of Vanessa ‘Honey’ Malone, Georgia, USA In 2018

Vanessa 'Honey' Malone, 18 year old victim of this Georgia homicide.

It is truly a confusing situation this. 18 year old Vanessa ‘Honey’ Malone is said to have gone to a friend’s apartment in some accounts. In another is seems to be more vague as to whether the apartment she visited was occupied by friends or some other associates.

This young lady went out at about 11pm for the short journey to another apartment block in Stone Mountain. This was on the night of 23rd October 2018. As she arrived between three and six black clad men were there. They had kicked in the door and had tied up the occupants. Bound and terrified Malone’s ‘friends’ were in the bathroom when she called at the door.

Vanessa ‘Honey’ Malone. The 18 year old victim of this Georgia homicide.

As Ms Malone realised the danger the armed lowlife became aware of her presence. She tried to flee and those in the bathroom heard a shot. Later they heard another. When the cops arrived they found the victim unresponsive, she had been shot twice. Her wounds were in both her chest and back.

In an NBC news article Ms Malone’s family have some input. They say she had been working and her mother picked her up at the end of her shift. She said she was tired but by the evening she said she was going out. Ms Malone then went to visit the occupants of the apartment block behind her own. They feel it was not a random home invasion. They think Ms Malone was lured there. According to them only her ‘ life and cell phone’ were stolen. In another account a wallet was stolen from an occupant.

A DeKalb County Police spokesperson is quoted as saying Ms Malone was shot as she turned to run away. A horrific detail is that she was then dragged back into the apartment and placed in a closet. It was after this that she was shot again. The cops also said they were not entirely sure what part those tied up had played in the murder.

This is an idea of the area as close as I can get to Hampton Village Apartments on Google Maps. The place itself is marked as permanently closed.

Currently there is one male who has been arrested. According to a August 2020 account he made bail after he had been charged with several connected offences including murder. This latest article was in the Atlanta Journal Constitution. It gives a little more detail. Rather than the occupants expecting Ms Malone they say they were in bed when the attackers kicked in their door. They were tied as described and placed in the bath tub. They heard several shots and screams.

When the police arrived at Hampton Village Apartments on Tree Mountain Parkway the occupants were outside. Ms Malone was inside unconscious and lying on her side. Donald Ashe, 34, made $80,000 bail on 16 August. This was over four months after his arrest. At that time the cops believed that more arrests would follow. I cannot find any reports of this happening.

So there we are. A beautiful 18 year old ends up at the door of an apartment near her home and dies after being shot. The reporting is all over the place as you can see. I have put the links below so you can try and find a common theme of accuracy I have missed. I will update this should there be any trial.

What strikes me as inconsistent is this report that the occupants were outside while Ms Malone was inside. Would they not have tried to aid her? Maybe they thought she was already dead. Another thing is why would the lowlife drag the victim back and shoot her again? It cannot be to cover the crime somehow. They left the other people alone.  Normally when a ‘robbery’ goes wrong, like that, the offenders just take off.

In fact I cannot think of another case where a disturbed robbery ends with the deliberate execution of just one of several witnesses. Maybe you know of one in which case please let me know in the comments.

Regarding Vanessa ‘Honey’ Malone I can only wish the family all peace they can find today.

The cops seem to be consistent in believing this was a case of a violent robbery. Given that they also believe multiple people were involved many of them are still out there. If you know anything please click here. The contact number for the DeKalb police is at the bottom of the page.

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