The Liverpool Echo Lists Every One Of 166 Unsolved Murders Over 90 Years

Craig Eaton.

This is a great resource for anyone interested in unsolved killings and a marvellous effort to keep the names of victims on the internet. When I started this website my aim was to put together a resource that saved many past unsolved crimes from being archived. I ended up writing about them as one way of doing that.

The Liverpool Echo has topped that idea in some ways. Every name, of every victim for the last 90 years is on the list in the article.

Click the image to got to the article with 166 unsolved murders recorded in chronological order.

The tragic roll of names includes six Reasoned Crime Chronicle has covered: Josephine Mary Budworth and her youngest sons, Julia Wallace, Ronald Carmagnole and Craig Eaton.

Simply listing the names might not give the details that I aim to record but it does highlight them as they deserve to be. They all count and whenever they are mentioned there is always a slim chance their family might get the answers they need. It is also nice to remind their killers that all is not forgotten.

Craig Eaton.


Mrs Julia Wallace


Roland Carmagnole.


Unfortunately this is the only image of Ms Budworth I could access.

Well done the Echo.