One the Very Best Crime Movies, Inside Man

Inside Man 2006

Inside Man might not meet the scrutiny of some of the ex cons on YouTube who review such things. I take nothing away from some of the genuine ex convict commentators it is just that crime movies are entertainment. I respect logical progression in the plot line. I am all for getting police and criminal mentality to fit with logic and keep it within the bounds of the character but they are movies after all.

Inside Man, Heist with a Difference

Inside Man 2006

I’m not going to spoil the plot even though this film was released in 2006. What you have is a robbery at a prestigious New York bank. It all looks about money, it looks like the usual heist film plot. It isn’t. Clive Owen plays the bad guy who is sort of a good guy and my favourite, Denzel Washington, plays the cop negotiator who is sort of a good guy.

Jodie Foster plays a fixer brought in by the owner of the bank because he has dark secrets in the bank he founded in 1948. The method of escape that the robbers have devised is unique in movie portrayals of such crimes. The tension between Owen and Washington is absolutely smooth. They are both cool on the outside, skilled and playing for high stakes. Jodie Foster is absolutely brilliant as the devious and self serving trouble shooter. Finally, there is a lovely twist in the last moments. If you have not seen it I envy you.