Child Rapist Colin Pitchfork Returned To Prison After Just Two Months

Lynda Mann,15, killed by Colin Pitchfork in 1983

The two time rapist and killer came out, he saw, he went straight back in. Pitchfork, abused and murdered two 15 year old girls. The first was in 1983 and the second was in 1986. He was a long time sex offender of the indecent exposure kind. All this happened while he was married and living in Leicestershire.

Pitchfork was convicted in the first case in Britain to use identification by DNA profile. So off he went to prison. An alien would find it hard to understand why such a guy should deserve to ever walk free again. I confess I am baffled by our so called intellectual leaders and their desire to inflict his like on us twice over.

Dawn Ashworth,15, killed by Pitchfork in 1986
Lynda Mann,15, killed by Colin Pitchfork in 1983

Nevertheless this rapist was let out two months ago. We were assured he would have 30 plus safeguards and restrictions in place. He would live in a hostel and be tagged for example.

The other day came news he had been yanked back into prison for breaching some of his conditions. Staff at the hostel were concerned that he was taking long random walks and he had approached young females.

Further to that there were concerns about his attitude and fears he was hiding details of his activities. Now all this I have taken from the press, so who knows what he was up to.

The recall is not necessarily permanent. The Probation bigwigs will get to wring their hands once more and he might be out again. I am aware that I tend to blame the Probation system for what I see as flagrant naivety. Really it is our lawmakers. We could change the law to make life mean life. We don’t, so we will always have the terrible injustice of a child rapist being allowed the life his victims never had. In addition, we will always risk a creature like him killing again. I wish people would spend time with criminals as they commit crime and wise up before being allowed to make laws like these.

For now I am happy and even more I am relieved. I will leave it in the words of Barbara Ashworth whose daughter was one of the victims:

‘He shouldn’t have been released in the first place. The man is evil and he should never have tasted freedom. The streets are safer with him in prison, that’s how I feel.’

So do I.