A Terrible Kidnaping And Murder That We Should Know About: Bobbi-Anne McLeod.

Bobbi Anne McLeod

This website is full of horrible stories where young women step out and some creature takes them off the street. Often the killer is known to the victim and occasionally the cases are never solved. The family and cops are left with nothing, but endless questions even when the victim is found dead somewhere in the wilds. Here we have a chance to learn, not long after it happened, how some of these go about their pointlessly cruel business.

In this very recent case a lovely 18 year old girl left her home to get a bus into Plymouth and meet her boyfriend. The walk from her house on Millwood Drive to the bus stop on Sheepstor Road is said to have been less than five minutes. The time was not late, it was about 6pm.


I guessed at a half way point on Millwood Drive and followed the footpaths to the bus stop that was depicted in the press of the time.

As she stood there along came one Cody Ackland. Ackland was not a shy retiring 24 year old. He was a guitarist in a pub band called Bar Rakuda. According to reports they had quite a Plymouth following, their influences being Oasis and Kasabian.

Bobbi Anne McLeod

Today he pleaded guilty to enticing Ms McLeod into his car and then he beat her to death with a heavy instrument. Other accounts say he grabbed her off the street which makes more sense to me to be honest. I wonder why he then launched a sustained attack on her straight away? Was he expecting a different type of victim? Ms McLeod was a small woman. Just a thought. What is more likely to play well at sentencing? A moment of madness aimed at an adult or a planned attack aimed at a child? Random thoughts, nothing more.

He took this poor lady’s body to some woods a half hour drive to the south and covered her over.

There never is much sense to these crimes unless you are low life like Ackland. What little sense we could make of it goes out of the window when three days later he walked into a police station and told the cops what he had done. He didn’t even know Ms McLoed. He just took her and killed her. Then the police went and recovered Ms McLoed from where she had been abandoned near a place called Bovisand

The bus stop in question is on the right. Millwood Drive is a little way up on the same side.

When I look at the scene this lady was never more than 40 metres ( about the same in yards) from houses, many houses. The bus stop is above a slope leading to semi detached properties and at that time of night there was always a chance someone could have been walking their dog or returning home from work.

Ms McLeod was only 4′ 11″ ( 149 cm) tall, she was alone and likely unaware just how dangerous her situation was. Why would she be wary? If you have a look at the place from any angle on Google Maps you would feel safe too at 6 pm.

Ackland lived only a couple of miles ( 4 km) to the north in an area called Southway. He could have been driving through or it would have been an area he had already scouted.

Ms McLeod was recovered from woodland close to this small seaside area 8 miles (12 km) from the bus stop.

A Life Sentence…Possibly

When Ackland accepted guilt the judge said he would be getting this mythical life sentence. The judge just had to decide what the minimum term would be. That is a sign of our crazy times. How is it a life sentence if there is a minimum set that is less than a life span?

Along with this minimum could well be future parole hearings the family have to endure. I will never understand why we accept the need for the like of Ackland to ever come out. I know there is always a need for doctors. Often there is a need for brick layers and electricians. I never recall there being a shortage of low life killers. I would say we were overstocked.

Ackland, yes another lowlife who preys on those weaker than he is.

This creature is to be sentenced on 19th May 2022. It is then we will be told some more details of the poor girl’s last moments. I hope we learn a bit more. I would like to know if he snatched her suddenly or if he talked her close to the car and then grabbed her. I would like to know why he was charged with murder between the time she went missing and when she was discovered. Where was the fatal part of the attack committed? I want to know so we can all add that knowledge to our efforts to prevent this sort of crime, even if we only prevent just one in the future.

( Update: Ackland has been sentenced to 31 years. It is still a mystery as to why he chose Abbie McLoed. The cops said that this so called man had an obsession with serial killers. The victim could have been anyone. He just wanted to kill someone, anyone.) 

What a country? We spend so much time reaching out all over the world and being told to care for any and all. Meanwhile, here, murderers come out of the shadows all the time, children are neglected to the point of death and there are not enough cops to chase down online predators. I am not saying we should not help people in a crisis. I am saying we should be doing more to address the issues of people’s safety at home.

Take Care

John T

The other three members of the band had nothing to do with the incident and disbanded as a result of Ackland’s actions

Other cases of crazy leniency for creatures who mercilessly kill are Colin Pitchfork, child rapist and Jamie Curtis, rapist and murderer.