When Killers Cry In The Dock Think Of Channon Christian And Christopher Newsom

You might have read my other articles. In some of them I try and push the point that criminals don’t care about you or your family. I mean the cases on this little website should demonstrate that. I have dealt with many such people and the tears you see in the dock are for them. They might try and pretend they are a flow of regret at the suffering they caused…It is a con.

Later these same creatures will convert to Christianity or Islam. They will mentor younger prisoners in a positive way. They will undertake courses aimed at rehabilitating them. I am not arrogant. Maybe that works sometimes. As they start stealing and beating you might steer someone on another path. By the time they rape, brutalise and kill you are too late.

Here is a case that I think judges, juries and we the public should remember. We need to know just how bad, cruel and callous criminals can be. When they cry in the dock as they are sentenced, when they appeal and when they repent, we should think of the victims not them.

I do warn you that if you are not familiar with the murders of Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom they are among the worst in cruelty.

Channon Christian was 21 years old. Christopher Newsom was 23.

This couple were due out to dinner and then on to a party. It was 6th January 2007, Knoxville, Tennessee. Ms Christian had gone to a pal’s apartment earlier on that Saturday. The friend went out early leaving Ms Christian to wait until Mr Newsom picked her up. Some accounts say they just stayed in and watched a film.

In any case, reunited the couple went down to the complex car park. In view of them were these ‘Things’. Three of the ‘Things’ were in a car. They watched the couple as they sorted out what they were doing.

I’m not going to give them any dignity by naming them

The ‘Things’ had collective experience of car jacking. In short order they forced the couple into the back of Ms Christian’s SUV. They then drove to a rented house that was in the name of  the ‘Thing’ in the middle.

What followed is a window into the dark soulless nature of people like these. It is the same malevolence that is found in the atrocities of Nazi camp guards and the cold hearted evil of a Communist gulag. The couple were not people to these ‘Things’.

Mr Newsom was raped by at least one of them. He was also raped by one of them using an object. The female ‘Thing’ is believed to have kept Ms Christian prisoner while the others took Mr Newsom to some rail tracks. He was dressed just in a shirt and boxer shorts. He was barefoot as he was marched along. The prosecution at their trial alleged he was dragged along with a leash around him. They shot him twice but he didn’t die. After a short time one of them put the muzzle of a pistol to his head and ended his life.

THIS had rented the house.

They then went back to the house. There they anally, vaginally and orally raped Ms Christian. They also used an object on her. She was beaten and suffered significant carpet burns. One of the ‘Things’ later said Ms Christian had said she did not want to die. I am not sure of the context. I don’t know if she was asked if she wanted to live or spontaneously said it as she pleaded with them. She suffered sexual assault over a protracted period of time. She was also punched and kicked in her genital area.

At some point they came to the moronic conclusion that as they had raped her they could destroy DNA evidence by applying bleach. This they did. They forced it down her throat and poured it on her cut and bleeding body. Later a debunking site ( their description) said it was not in order to torture her. No, the bleach was used to erase evidence. Snopes is the website. The author is obviously terminally naïve.  How can you pour bleach down a human’s  throat without it being torture?

The ‘writer’ talked of intent. It was not their intention to torture asserted this person.

I talk of fools and their ill thought words.  Their words offer a softness to what is out and out evil. You see, there was no doubt that the bleach was used while Ms Christian was alive.

By his own admission this Thing was one of those in the car park. Of course he was a confused and an innocent man, according to him.

She died between the afternoons of 7th January and 8th January. I saw testimony from one of the ‘Things’. He said she was still alive on the Sunday night.

She was suffocated slowly. She was bound and her head covered in a small trash bag. She was then put in more trash bags. She was then placed in a large dustbin and sheets were placed on top of her. The medical examiner wiped tears away from her eyes at one point when describing the girl’s injuries.

The ‘Thing’ I saw testifying made a good witness. He painted a picture of his innocence. How he and his girlfriend and his friend were terrified of the ‘ringleader’. However, there were big gaps in his credibility only a fool could not see. Even if you could have thought the best of him he admitted having oral sex with Ms Christian. She did this, he said, in return for him promising to negotiate her release with the others. Her hands were tied when she did this. Her feet were bound and tethered to a bag with weights in it.

He remained in the house for over 24 hours able to move freely and did nothing to help Ms Christian. As I say he was supposedly, in his mind, not the worst of them.

The ‘Things’ are all in prison for a long time. One of them is on death row. Collectively they put the families through many years of trials. The one on the end sought parole but was sent back to prison for a minimum of 10 years. The family had to endure that too.

Please remember Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom when dealing with criminals. If you are on a jury listen hard and listen fair. Everyone should have a fair trial. Hear the evidence not the tears and the dramatics. Never give any sympathy to the offenders if you think they are guilty. Deliver the verdict and take no notice of their reaction. It is nonsense. They will cry and wail for themselves.

As for the press and the later parole decision makers. Look please at what the people in front of you did. Not the polite and repentant thing they present you with. Their victims did not give them a bad childhood. Their victims did not get an appeal or have their past trauma brought in as mitigation.

The criminal committing the crime did not caring how their victim might recover or what devastation they would cause by murdering a loved one.

If only everyone could deal with criminals to hear what they say about their victims. It might change a lot of societal attitudes. I have heard them, they hate their victims. They place them on a sub human level.

THIS, according to the testimony of another, killed Christopher Newsom. To be honest I wouldn’t put much faith in anything they say. The science of DNA, fingerprints and their possession of the couple’s property nails it.

If these ‘Things’ believed their sobbing would not work and that stiff sentencing would follow. If when they took a life they thought they would never walk free again I believe less people would be butchered by them.

Bless the family of any victim. I will leave it after only one more thought. If you are approached and threatened. If the attacker tries to order you to a place of confinement. Take no notice of their promises to let you go. Take no notice of their promise not to hurt you or others if you co operate. If you see a chance right then to fight, go for it. These Things are evil, you can’t trust any noise that comes out of that hole in their face.

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  1. Tim, I just read your article about Channon Christian and Christopher Newsom. I live in Knoxville Tennessee and was so deeply haunted by this horrific act of senseless violence. I still am. I am not a racist person however, if the roles were reversed, this story would have been covered for weeks on every major news media outlet. From the murder to coverage of each trial. I would also like to add the judge, Richard Baumgardner, was part of the reason for the continuous trials the family suffered thru. He was found to be under the influence of opiates while on the bench. He did get to retire with a full pension and served no jail time! I thoroughly enjoyed your wording in this article. Thank you so much for remembering these victims and their families.

    1. Thank you very much for your words, Laura. I have sent you an email. An adequate description is hard to find for the level of cruelty used in this case. Poor kids and their families. I have no time for offender’s tears and excuses.

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