Waiting For A Knock On The Door: Shani Warren Case, Man Charged After 34 years.

I wonder how often a killer thinks about the murder they have got away with? Before the mid 1980s, after a few years, a murderer could have relaxed. The trail would have gone cold and they could look at years of freedom ahead. As time has gone on the advances in DNA profile recovery have been relentless. These killers must be aware of it. So many cases have outstanding profiles awaiting a match. In this case I am not sure if it was DNA at this stage. I just like the idea of reminding anyone out there that the knock on the door could happen even after 34 years.

Shani Warren was 26 years old in April 1987. Her parents were wealthy, she was pretty and so the future would have looked bright.

Shani Warren

She was last seen loading grass cuttings into her car to take to her parent’s house where there was a compost heap. This was on Good Friday,17th April that year. Her car was found abandoned in a layby on the A4 which was roughly on the route she would have taken. The car was left with one door slightly ajar and no sign of the missing woman.

The following morning her body was found. She had been tied, gagged and was face down in a lake near Taplow.

The red marker was where she was heading from her place to the south.

There has never been anyone charged with this murder until…Now.

On 26th November 2021, a man called Donald Robertson was charged. The 66 year old is also on the hook for the kidnap and rape of a 16 year old in 1981. Due to a Covid outbreak at the prison he is being held in he did not appear at High Wycombe Magistrates court. His solicitor represented him and no pleas were offered.

A spokesperson for the review team at Thames Valley Police made the announcement. They said that Robertson used to live in Slough.

I don’t know how this guy was traced or if it was a similar situation to that which concluded the Margaret Cook murder. What I do know is I have a nice feeling about this. 34 years after the murder, 40 years after the kidnapping and rape of the younger girl and this looks like it might be justice.