The Murder of Maria Requena. One Of A Series? North-West UK, 1991

Maria Christina Requena

This lady was found only a couple of miles from Linda Donaldson who was killed in 1988. Maria Requena was discovered in several bin bags floating in a fishing lake. Even her head had been severed from her body.

In 2018 Manchester Cold Case Review team said:

‘This case will never be closed until we find Maria’s killer. We need someone to come forward and tell us who done it though. There has not been any update on the case in the last year but we will continue to review it. There are no forensic links between her death and Linda’s.’

Maria had last been seen on New Years Day in 1991. Within a week two anglers found the five bags she had been placed in. The homicide of this 26 year old mother of one is still an unsolved case and while the police cannot officially link them the similarities are striking.

Manchester is at the east of the line that starts where Ms Requena was found

Notably the location that the two women were found is close to direct routes between the cities of Liverpool and Manchester. Both, obviously, shared a manner of work, both are of a similar age and both had decapitation featured in their deaths. I would also like to point out the area they were found in is rural, not some urban district plagued with crimes of violence. Maybe I am stretching it but in the first case, Ms Donaldson, effort was made to hide forensic evidence. In the second case you could argue that effort had evolved.

Maria ‘Christina’ Requena

According to Unsolved Murders ( website) the bags had been placed in a mattress cover. The site ( which is a long standing one) also says there were possible sightings of Maria Requena only a few days before her body was found. This lady operated in the Canal Street area of Manchester about 17 miles from where she was found. A friend had said that in Dec 1990 Ms Requena had talked about leaving the area and going to live with a female acquaintance in Leeds or Lees. Apparently this friend could not recall exactly what was said. Lowton, where the victim was found is close to a place called Leigh. Not that I am saying that was what was said but still it is notable.

I won’t steal Unsolved Murders thunder. The site sometimes has very little detail on some murders and on other cases they have a lot. The case of Maria Requena is well documented and well written. Though I do note a difference in the spelling of her name. The majority of sources spell it as we have done. Links below.

Despite occasional renewed appeals both the murders of this lady and Linda Donaldson are unsolved.


John T