The Mysterious Death of Dylan Parker in 2014

In the centre is Two Mile Road. Not necessarily the house in question. This is the sort of terrain we are talking about though.

I got up this morning with full motivation to do a quick bit of research into the case of several deaths in Silver Valley, Idaho years ago. Then I found trouble getting much local news on the subject. So here is what I have found so far and I will keep looking regarding the mysterious death of Dylan Parker in 2014.

Brief Circumstances

Dylan was 18 years old and went to a party in Osborn, Idaho. The date was 11th January 2014. Dylan was close to his mother and text her many times that evening.  The party was at a house on Two Mile Road. The scant details I have found suggest that he arranged with his mother to be picked up at a gas station about a mile away. It had been snowing heavily the week before and was snowing that night. Dylan was not dressed for the weather according to the missing poster circulated at the time.

Missing poster circulated at the time of Dylan Parker’s disappearance.

His mother went to the gas station and saw no sign of him. She then made enquiries and called his phone. There was no information to help her and his phone remained unanswered.

His body was found a week later. He was up in the tree line and in a ravine close to where he had been at the party. The cause of death was given as hypothermia.

Just a Simple Tragic Case?

That may be so. There is a lot of chatter about it being a particularly strange case though. One source that I do respect on the internet has gone into a lot of detail. They suggest that the manner in which he went missing and the way he was dressed has raised concerns among local law enforcement. From looking around it appears there is a possible link between the house of the party and other deaths.

I am particularly taken with the interview with his mother while he was missing. She says that they text up to twelve times while he was at the party. On the one hand that is a strange amount for anyone to chat to their mother while enjoying a party. On the other hand if that was normal for them it seems strange he ignored her calls while she was looking for him. It is reported his phone rang out until 4am. At that time it went to voice mail.

In the centre is Two Mile Road. Not necessarily the house in question. This is the sort of terrain we are talking about though.

Hypothermia is a weird condition for us humans. It can make us shed our clothes because our system tells us we are too hot. It will disorientate and make us likely to stray into danger. I guess it can also lead us to not answering a phone. The thing is the time scale between his mother going to the gas station as arranged and Dylan not being there seems very short. He said he had already set out. There was a mile to walk. In snow covered paved streets that is maybe twenty minutes. You get cold in those circumstances but not cold to the point of hypothermia.

Dylan’s mother had to drive about seven miles to get to the the gas station. So somewhere between his last text and her seven mile drive he stops texting and walks into the wilds to his death. Possible? Yes frankly speaking, but according to his mother he didn’t seem distressed or disorientated. Have a listen to how she describes that night.

Questions About Why Dylan Parker Was Found Where He was Found

So this guy comes out of the party house and instead of walking towards the gas station in town he wanders off into the trees? Sadly that is possible. I have not seen the results of the toxicology report in any of the news online. This is possibly because the EU is still regarded as our regulatory body by Google and they enacted daft censorship laws a while ago that block some news sites. I am sorting that now. The point is  if Dylan was under serious influence from drink then these things happen.

The problem for me in this Two Mile Road is a straight line. It was snowing, but then it had been for a while and you have a choice of left or right.  Dylan had lived in Montana. A report says he went to school there so maybe he had only been in Idaho a short time. Montana has snow though. If he had been from Florida I get that the change of location might be significant. Unfamiliar weather conditions and underestimating the danger would be a natural conclusion to come to on this.

I hear chatter that when found he was missing his trousers and boots. Intriguingly it is reported that a law enforcement source said his socks were clean and his body did not have the sort of marks that you would expect from someone blundering about in the snowy trees at night.

Finally, I am also seeing links to other teen deaths in the area. One even suggests a link to the same house Dylan had been at.

Mostly Speculation

Maybe you would expect better from me than to be so speculative? This article is more for me to remember to look into it further. The YouTube channel that I like is shown below. In turn the guy running it makes reference to a book on rural disappearances. I am going to circle back to this and try and get to the bottom of it. Not to solve it. You might know I advocate you never can unless you have access to the sort of facts cops do. No, I am making it a pet project to show either that there is nothing you can trust on the internet or that some sources actually try and get the facts right.

If you know more than me or can point me in the right direction please shout me in the comments below.

Catch you soon


Below is the video where I saw this case highlighted. I give this guy more credibility than most because, like me, he says when he is not sure of something or that the sources are sketchy. That said I don’t know him so make up your own minds.