The Forgotten Face Of Murder: The 1990 Unsolved Case Of Jean Hilda Myra, Canada

Jean Hilda Myra

I like to go randomly from area to area and look for unsolved murder cases. For no reason at all I thought of Nova Scotia today. The first name I came to was Jean Hilda Myra. This 32 year old homeless woman was killed on 5th April 1990. Apart from several police websites and a few very brief media updates there is little mentioned of her.

Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.
Jean Hilda Myra

According to these snippets on that day at about 11 am her body was found. She was under a staircase near a grain elevator. The location given is South Bland Street, Halifax. The grain operation is still there and is only about 1 km/.6 mile from a tavern where she was last seen.

As I understand it Ms Myra was last seen around this area about midnight on 4th April 1990.
The area of interest is the south end of Halifax

This lady was living at the YMCA and was known around the area. When she left the tavern it was about 11 hours before her body was found. So how did she get to where she was found?

The grain operation near South Bland Street. She was found somewhere on the west side of the complex.

There is no doubt the cops have kept the case alive yet there appears to have been no progress. Currently there is a reward of $150,000 for the right information. I have linked the police website below. I cannot even say for sure how she died. All the quotes refer to this case as being ‘deemed a homicide.’

The best I could do originally was pile in as many images of the area as I could. I made a Reddit post and as a result I was given the below information. A lot of people do care about folk like this lady.  I am grateful to them.

Later notes:  Apparently there is a possible link between her murder and others. An article in The Halifax Examiner called Dead Wrong states: She died of asphyxia. She was found naked from the waist down and her jeans had been turned inside out and draped over her. A cigarette butt was placed on her body. 

A kind lady who is related to Ms Myra told me that not only was she a lovely person, but she was mother to a son and a daughter. 

Another commentator said the area she was found in was not the best of places to be and it was unlikely anyone would choose to go there. She may have been of native ancestry.

It was said, in the article, that it was believed Ms Myra may have been working as a sex worker.

You might already know but we are rather fierce about defending issues regarding any victim being a sex worker. What you do for a living makes no odds to me or anyone who writes for RCC. What we judge are people who kill people. A person who will hurt a woman, is an inadequate, low life creature. They are not someone who any sensible person would want walking free. I have the right to walk the streets and go about making my living without being killed. That is a right that everyone deserves.

If you know anything about the death of this lady please contact the cops. The link is below for Nova Scotia public safety/ rewards is below.