Reagan Tokes: More Death Through Soft Sentencing

Reagan Tokes, 21.

Time and time again, all over the world, low life is allowed to crawl back into society early. I assume that out there are the same hand wringers that I encountered many years ago. They must live in a fluffy world though I would never want to even visit there. In their world there are just lovely people who need to be rescued from themselves. Sure they might brutalise others, but bless them they cannot help it. Well the people they maim and kill cannot help them either. They just need to be good little victims and bow to the collective modern nonsense of the hand wringers. One victim of this mentality was Reagan Tokes.

Golsby, rapist and thief allowed to kill by a system not fit for service.

Those that support early release of violent prisoners are like children dragging on our hands and whining about something they JUST WANT. It slows us down and it gets people killed. How many, like me, have spent lots of time with offenders?

Well I can tell you they don’t care about you. They see you as soft and stupid. Some of you reading these words will have had a life like mine. You will know this too.  For every ‘soft touch’ parole board member or hand wringer I have only three things to say:

You are naïve, you are arrogant and last, you are cruel. 

You are cruel because the act of supporting these early release dates makes you feel good. You then turn your back on the countless victims your feel good factor generates.

The YouTube channel, That Chapter, does a far better job of telling the story of Reagan Tokes than I could, so please have a look at it below.

The short version is her killer should have been in prison, for committing violent crime. He was out months early. He had on an ankle tag, yet that made no difference. He had been an awful prisoner, but that did not stop his early release. He was sentenced in May 2011 for a period of six years. He actually got two six year sentences that did that nonsense concurrent thing.

Ms Tokes was a model college student, a nice looking girl from a close family. She was working at a bar in Columbus, Ohio. At about 9.45 pm she finished her shift. She was forced into her car at gun point. Brian Golsby was 29 years old, the date was 8th Feb 2017. He sexually assaulted Ms Tokes and then tried to get her to withdraw money out from two drive through ATMs.

Reagan Tokes, 21.

Heartbreakingly, in the last video footage of her attempt to get money she had already been raped. He then forced her to drive to Grove City in south Columbus. He told her to strip naked, forced her to walk ahead of him into open ground. He shot her in the back of the head. As she lay on the ground he shot her again.

This waste of skin then drove to his girlfriend’s house and made her a gift of items belonging to Reagan. He then had a flash of genius. Well, it probably seemed like genius to him. He drove Ms Tokes car a half mile away and tried to set it on fire. Of course he failed. This meant that cigarettes he had smoked and thrown on the floor of the vehicle didn’t disappear. His genius DNA was on the butts.

So he is bang to rights for the murder of this 21 year old woman. It also turned out that the tag on his leg connected him to several crimes that had been of increasing violence in the previous two weeks. The offences he had been sent to prison for included a sexual assault on a pregnant woman in front of her two year old son. Guess what? On that occasion he forced her to drive to an ATM to withdraw money as well.

In addition, he has past criminal convictions for sex offences against both boys and girls.

Sentencing  Designed To Con Us All

Concurrent sentences are a con, a sham, a statistical game. If you get two sentences for six years but they run side by side it is one sentence. Just like a life sentence is not really life inside, it is life inside for a bit. Once out you get your life back, so how is it a life sentence?

Word games, while the like of Reagan Tokes pay the price.

I will leave you with a request. Listen to what the prosecutor says at the 22 minute mark. I warn you it is terrible. A terrible thing that was done to this girl and so many in these pages. A terrible thing that the fluffy hand wringers, who want to see nothing but good in people, don’t care about.

If only they could look at offenders like adults instead of cossetted children, they might see the evil instead.

This low life had a bad time as a kid, he alleged. He grew into the same monster that had messed him up. In 2011 he was shown to be that monster. Even on one sentence he shouldn’t have been out until three months after Reagan Tokes left her work.

Idealistic idiots allowed him to take more victims. It needs to change. It is said it did because of judicial and parole foul ups. All is now well in Ohio. We have heard that before.

Take care of yourselves because frankly, sentencing and deterrent is not effective in the law’s hands