Call Sex Attackers What They Are: Inadequates

Dennis Rader. He doesn't look much but he was sneaky, twisted and loathsome.

Did you ever hear the tale of the serial sex attacker that targeted only successful boxers? No. You didn’t hear how this crazy predator, this Zodiac Mark Two, Jeremy Ripper over powered his victims and raped them?

There is a good reason for that there never has been such a creature. Have you heard of the Rockhampton Rapist? The BTK? Jack The Ripper? The Son of Sam?

Many of you will have done. Cute names given to big brave men who stalk and attack people who are in almost every case weaker than they are. Even when they do go after those who could fight them fair and square they sneak and pounce and often use the terror of others to control their victims.

Dennis Rader. He doesn’t look much but he was sneaky, twisted and loathsome.

BTK ( Bind Torture Kill) was a meek enough looking guy. He kept up a front that portrayed him as a respectable suburban neighbour. He did attack a man in his first raid. That guy, Joseph Otero, would have been confronted by BTK who was armed while he was with his wife and children. Doubtless this inadequate told them he was not going to harm them but rob them. As a result Mr Otero would have been compliant for the sake of his family. Compliant that is until it was too late.

If you look at the picture of a now aging Dennis Rader you can see evil in his eyes no doubt. He would be a man so driven that he was dangerous to anyone…he could get the drop on. He killed 10 people in all. Women and children along with the one male. That group speaks volumes about inadequate Dennis.

What of others? We had our own three ‘Jacks’. Sinister denizens of the night. Shadows on the wall and ghost like monsters that flitted from victim to victim.

Yes, one killed sex workers in the 19th century not bare knuckle fighters or cops. Another killed, predicable, sex workers not Royal Marines or dockers. The last Jack killed, surprise, sex workers not members of rugby clubs or steel erectors. Cool names though. In order there was Jack The Ripper, Jack The Stripper and The Yorkshire Ripper. Okay I said three Jacks, but in fairness I bet the Yorkshire Ripper called himself Jack.

The point of this little rant? Could we stop calling them names that make them feel good about themselves? It just encourages them. You and I would hate to have a name like The Zodiac Killer. Lots of the sort of people who would torture and kill others would love it.

In the UK we have, in crime history, a Black Panther. What a great recruitment idea if you want to gather more rapists and murderers. How cool is that name?

Small and wiry and moved like a panther according to a victim. Some genius in the press gave him the cool title of Black Panther due to the fact he wore black clothing. He had his backside handed to him by two unarmed cops and some guys in a fish and chip shop.

In fact this guy was a post office robber, kidnapper of a teenager and a beater of women. He also shot dead a couple of men. In one raid he pointed his shotgun at the wrong guy. He was a post master called Leslie Richardson who fought back hard while his wife rang the police.

Now this raider was a tough enough man unlike most he was ex army and could look out for himself. He still did what he did by sneaking about while well armed in comparison to his victims. When he was finally arrested he found himself armed and yet overpowered. The Black Panther did not live up to his media name when it came down to it.

It is not just the media names that I suggest we back away from. It is the descriptions. Technically someone like David Berkowitz was a predator, a hunter. The thing is he prowled around New York shooting people while they sat in their cars. I mean that is a bit like calling a guy a fisherman if he sits in front of Netflix and sweeps his own tank of goldfish with a hair net.

The same goes for calling them Psycho Killer or Fiendish. Psycho Killer, for example, refers to psychopathic. I have met some hard case psychopathic people in my time, true. The majority that have this mental disorder are pathetic.

Given the frequent choice of weaker victims…Killers they maybe, psychopaths they maybe, but they don’t deserve the two being put together as if they are members of a super race. All it means is they have problems processing life on an emotional level. They are detached. They are not Tiger like, nor can they climb up the outside of buildings.

The Alternative?

Well there will always be scary people who kill. In a way if anyone wants to kill you in that moment a bit of fear can jump start your best reactions. History shows us not that they deserve cool names and special reverence but rather the opposite.

We had one here called Griffith. They nick named him the Crossbow Cannibal Killer. He had killed and he claimed to have eaten some human flesh. In reality whether he did that or not he killed sex workers and used a crossbow while they were predictably unarmed.  When not doing that he lived alone reading books on how lousy our species is.

Out there are the new generation of these heroes. They will kill and they will sometimes seek to scare people between murders. How about we try and discourage a few.

What was Dennis Rader? A child killer and sex pervert. A sneaking rat.

What was the pathetic Yorkshire Ripper? A pint sized inadequate with dodgy facial hair.

What was the Cannibal Killer? A lone loser who had to pay for sex.

It would be nice to see headlines on the future describe a serial killer as:

Pathetic Mommy Boy Killer Sentenced To Life ( Henry Lee Lucas)


Smelly, Ugly Inadequate Gets 40 Years For Raping Children (Robert Black, child rapist and murderer)


One exception for me would be Ed Kemper… you call him names if you like, count me out.

Take Care

John T