More Common Than I Thought the Case of Phoebe Handsjuk and Garbage Shoot Deaths

Phoebe Handsjuk,24, tragically died after falling down a garbage shoot.

I saw a very interesting and tragic tale on 60 Minutes Australia the other night. It described how Phoebe Handsjuk had been living in an apartment building and somehow died after a fall of 30 metres down a garbage chute. I was just going to give it a mention, but then saw a few similar cases and it appears garbage chute deaths are not all that rare..

I have placed a link to the 60 Minutes video I watched. Basically this young Sydney, Australia, woman, 24, is said to have drunk too much and taken sleeping pills. She then climbed into the small garbage chute. She fell 30 metres down into the garbage room. This was 2nd December 2010. To add to the tragedy she survived that, but bled to death due to her wounds. No-one could hear her

Her family have been spearheading a campaign to have her death classified as a murder. I admit there is certainly cause for suspicion. One of the reasons they found her death suspicious was that once down in the basement Phoebe tried to get out. As her death was said to have been a possible suicide they reasoned that if it was the case why would she try to survive? A hand print in blood was found on the inside of the door. I can counter this with my own experience of many cases. Once an attempt at suicide fails or the person realises that they might die they often seek assistance.

Phoebe Handsjuk,24, tragically died after falling down a garbage shoot.

A good part of the suspicion is how could she have climbed in by herself while drunk.  I now see other cases though where people have done just that.

Take for example a New York tragedy. Lara Prychodko, 48, was seen on CCTV footage drunkenly exiting an elevator in her luxury apartment block in July 2018. Next thing her body was found in the garbage compactor in the basement.

Another case is of Lisa Maria Hernandez, 34, found in the chute of her building in Staten Island in January 2021. That has since been determined as an accident. The lady apparently died of positional asphyxia and had alcohol and cocaine in her system.

I had a random search on Google and found the cases of an 80 year old and a 16 year old who were also killed from such falls in Chicago.

The 60 Minutes program made no mention of these other deaths. I find that strange as my uncovering the above took 15 minutes and I would have researched the topic had I been doing a documentary.

All over the net the death of this poor Australian woman is billed as mysterious. The circumstances are strange and the family certainly make a good case for other possible explanations. I take nothing away from their individual quest. The fact is people do climb in them. It is possible to do therefore accident or suicide has to be just as much a possibility as anything else.

What do you think? Can you come up with other ‘ mysterious’ ways to die that are more frequent than many people think?