Money Or Revenge? The Murder Of Alex Blue In Glasgow In 2002.

Alex Blue who was severely beaten in the driveway of his home. 12.20 am, 25th June 2002.

A businessman is severely beaten and found in the driveway to his ground floor flat. Two days later he dies. A surgeon who worked on the victim’s injuries is reported to have said ‘ They didn’t leave me much to work with.’

41 year old Alexander Blue lived in the Dowanhill area of Glasgow. He was found in the driveway at 20 minutes after midnight on 25th June 2002. The door to his Porsche and the door to his flat were open. Only two weeks before a three year bankruptcy had been discharged and so Mr Blue was legal to conduct business again. He had not been idle since his last venture collapsed owing almost £80,000. He had been part of setting up a successful taxi supply business. The Taxi Centre arranged cars and other items for the city’s drivers.

Glasgow, Scotland.

He was known to be on the market for an investment property. During the daytime of 24th June Mr Blue had been having meetings and dealing with the details of buying a property. I put in all the locations Mr Blue was said to have been during that afternoon and evening. He remained very local to where he had his home in Dundonald Road.

Alex Blue who was severely beaten in the driveway of his home.
12.20 am, 25th June 2002.

He visited a coffee house in Cresswell lane, possibly a restaurant in Ashton Lane and he was scheduled to view a house he was looking to buy in Westbourne Gardens on the 26th. The furthest distance between any of these points was just about half a mile (800 m).

Neighbours heard at least two men arguing in Mr Blue’s apartment that night. So far no-one has been held accountable for the crime.

Mr Blue’s family have urged the police to continue to pursue the case and there are certainly some issues that stick out like a sore thumb.

The house the victim was looking to buy had not been for sale. In addition, it is thought he had about £30,000 pounds with him which has not been traced.

The cops have also put out appeals to identify a man called David Robertson or David Hobbs. It is believed that Mr Blue was to meet with this person to view the house the following day. A mobile number found on a scrap of paper was publicised but not traced.

The victim’s brother has openly said he believes he knows who killed Alex Blue. He is also quoted as saying he knows who ordered ‘the hit.’

A Few Loose Thoughts

I didn’t know Mr Blue but I do have some idea about the people who work in taxi type businesses. There can be pressure on legitimate businessmen and women to bend to criminal will to some degree to stay in operation. Not all the time, maybe not here but transient cash involved businesses are attractive to some.

I saw that at least one associate of Mr Blue has had close calls with the law. In short there can be a lot of trouble generated by running taxi industry operations.

Also there is the issue of the bankruptcy that had just expired. The Taxi Centre business was turning over £7 million apparently. Clear of the restrictions of bankruptcy Mr Blue would be free to take up his shareholder position in full. Still referencing the bankruptcy not all people who lose money when a place folds are very forgiving.

Where did the £30,000 go? Was it all part of a con aimed at the victim to recoup lost cash when Mr Blue folded in 1999?

An ex copper called Peter Bleksley has been looking at this case amongst others. We first came across Mr Bleksley in the reporting of an unsolved murder of a banker called Alastair Wilson in Nairn in 2004. Mr Wilson was about to move into a new financial services job when he was shot on his doorstep. There was no clear motive in that killing either.

Take Care

John T

‘I know who ordered the killing of my brother… and so do police’: Brother demands review of unsolved murder