30 years Have Gone By And Not A Mention Of Yvonne Fitt.

This is a quick note and something of a promise to victims from us. Yvonne Fitt was a sex worker who was last seen on 16th January 1992. We wrote about her last week as the 30th anniversary approached.

We then went on to other things, other victims and you can see those on the site since.

I have just looked and there seems (correct me if I am wrong) to have been no reminder to the world of this nasty crime on the 30th anniversary. The police mentioned it in a tweet in 2019 but that is the date she was found as I recall. In January the nights are long and cold. The atmosphere and therefore the memories are different. In my  humble opinion we should ask for people to look back to any relevant dates.

Note: I stand by the tone of this article. The 16th is one of only two dates that come up. In some mainstream sources 16th Jan is the last time she was seen. It turns out though the cops were looking at a whole five month period between Dec 1991 and at least May 1992. A police officer who knew her well says she saw her in June onwards. Click here to read the original article. I have included all the new details I have found.

Yvonne had a daughter and like many slipped into an addiction. That led to her lifestyle which led to her being out in Bradford, West Yorkshire on the night she was last seen. She had a family that missed her and her unsolved murder gave us something that we really don’t want. We have had a killer out there since they stabbed Ms Fitt to death, one who may or may not have killed again.

We promise the victims that even if the other media and the police don’t mention the key anniversaries we will do our best to take up the slack. I have tasked our tiny team with compiling a more comprehensive list of dates to ensure we hit those as much as we can.

As one of my favourite characters in crime fiction said.

‘Everybody counts or nobody counts’ Harry Bosch, Michael Connelly.

If you know of an unsolved case that is getting older by the minute and the victims are getting less mention on the anniversaries let me know and I will make sure we write it up on or around the right date.