Unsolved Murder of Melissa Irene Whitis, South Carolina, USA, 2019

Ms Whitlis.

I have been covering more and more the people on the fringes of society that are subject to unsolved murders. From the UK to, in this case, Kentucky and all points throughout the world women like Mrs Whitis await justice.

Brief Circumstances

This 31 year old woman came from Frankfort, Kentucky but had ties with Somerset and Lexington. Her body was found in South Carolina on 20th September 2019. This was on Lizzie Melton Road which is a rural route in wooded terrain. She was found in an area of burnt grass and she had been burnt to such an extent that identification was a problem. In the end a medical device that she had had implanted gave investigators her name.

This is an example of the terrain on Lizzie Melton Rd. It is not meant to indicate the crime scene location.


She was last heard of on 14th September 2019 when she called and left a message for her father. He tried to call back, but got no reply. She was known to have visited a Walmart near Winston-Salem, North Carolina on the 17th. This is still a long way from where she was found.

It is not known what she was doing 130 miles away from home at that point. It is reported that Mrs Whitis had been troubled in recent years and had drifted through various states. When she was seen in the Walmart she was wearing yellow pants and a grey overcoat.

Mrs Whitis.


The Investigation

Sadly a lot of time was lost because of the issue of identification. Her body was found by a passer-by in a ditch and this was sometime after the fire. I have searched for any progress in this case and I cannot find any. I will try and keep an eye on it. Apparently the family are very active in trying to get some resolution.

I’m assuming this was a later photograph of Mrs Whitis

The murder is being handled by Chester County authorities in South Carolina.

My Take

There is none. I am not being lazy. There is so little known online. This piece is written just to record this poor woman’s name. She was a married lady who had two children in that relationship.