The Unsolved Murder Of 17 Year Old Emilie Meng: A Danish Tale.

Emilie Meng was on her way home from a night out. She was last seen at the railway station in Korsor which is a place of only about 14,000 residents. Standing in the town you would be about an hour’s drive from Copenhagen.

In one report Ms Meng had received a break up text from her boyfriend while she was out with friends in nearby Slagelse. It was said she had been quite upset by the text and continued to communicate with friends on her 1.5 mile (2.5 km) walk from the railway station to her home. Then the battery on her phone died.

Emilie Meng.

In another, more referenced, account her activities were reported as the same but the rumour of a break up was quickly dispelled by the cops.

In any event this young woman walked south from the railway station to her home along streets like the one in the image below. It would have been just after 4am on Saturday 10th July 2016.

This is a random Google shot. The location has no more significance than as an example of the area.
The railway station is shown as the red marker. Ms Meng’s home was approximately where the black line ends.

After that time nothing more was known as to what had happened to her. Her family got up and noticed she was missing. It would be Christmas Eve that year before they found anything out.  A dog walker came across Ms Meng’s decomposing body. She had been dumped in a small lake near a town called Borup which is about 35 miles (50km) from where she was last seen. The cops confirmed it was her quite quickly and stated it was a murder. They have not released the method used to kill her.

The Investigation

At first there was the possibility of an accident. The town is split by an inlet over which is a bridge. That bridge is on the route that Ms Meng had told friends she would take.  As has happened in some high profile cases in the UK, a few drinks and open water is a danger for youngsters in the quiet hours. The searches for her were extensive involving officials and volunteers. Cell phone records were scoured, possible suspects were checked out and a couple were arrested.

A white car (believed to be a Hyundai) was caught on CCTV turning in the car park of the railway station at the crucial time. The hunt for this car is still on. The pictures are not great as it was a camera in the building that caught the image.

At the time of writing there has been no significant advancement of the case. I found an article that says the cops have taken over 1300 DNA samples in connection with the murder. So I take it they have some good forensic evidence they hope to match one day.

There is an excellent Reddit post which I used for a lot of the above. The author u/Rahbek23 used plenty of references and links. From what I can tell they have some local knowledge and that is always a plus. You can check it out in full as they have included more detail in their account. It would have been unfair of me to just pick everything off the back of their efforts. Click here

The author suggests that it is likely Ms Meng did not get as far as the image of the town I have included. The walk from the station would have taken her close to the busy E20 route that runs rapidly in the direction where her body was later found. As you can see in the below image it is a much more tempting abduction point for inadequate scum like the individual that killed her.

In this view you are looking in the direction of Ms Meng’s home. The station is about 600 metres behind you.

Several mainstream press accounts have recently said that a sickly man called Peter Madsen may have killed Ms Meng. Madsen was a gifted Danish inventor. He built, among other things, his own submarine. In 2017 he took a journalist for a ride in the vessel. She was dismembered by him and had her body parts thrown in the sea. He was convicted of her murder. The cops believe he sexually assaulted and tortured her. Madsen claimed it was an accident that killed her.

Korsor is a seaport and a version of the tale involves a hunt for a white van. Madsen had a white van. In the more recent (translated) Danish press coverage I cannot see more on this angle.

Thank you for reading this. I humbly ask that if you look at the image of the road with the E20 route ahead and any route you often take in the dark looks like it…Avoid it in future. Ring ahead for a lift, use a taxi or plan the night in a different way.

John T