Home Is Our Castle: The Murder Of Paul Anstutz, Springfield, USA, 1992.

We are looking at Springfield, Missouri, USA

When I walk in my house I am pretty relaxed. I do check a few things if they seem unusual. Did I leave that light on or did I leave the gate open. The majority of the time I unlock and walk in. Like 26 year old Mr Paul Anstutz did at his Springfield home. It was the 8th October 1992. He and his wife had been out that Thursday evening arriving back at about 8.40pm. A burglar was in the house and attempted to flee.

The house is on the right of the picture behind the trees. I thought I would give an idea of the area rather than put up an image of it directly. On an October night there is plenty of cover to flee in the dark.

Mr Anstutz was a young, fit carpenter who caught hold of the man and a struggle followed. The thief pulled a gun and shot the victim in the abdomen. Of the two wounds one was fatal. Mr Anstutz was dead within the hour.

His wife was shown a photograph of a villain who was breaking into houses in the area. She said that was the guy who had killed her husband. In a perfect world that should have been enough. Unfortunately it is reported that the burglar ( who has not been named) produced an alibi and the gun was not recovered. The guy in question did go to prison for house breaking, but was never fully tied into the murder at 2546 South Glenwood Terrace.

We are looking at Springfield, Missouri, USA

In the USA Today article I have linked below they say the cops only had one suspect. Sadly that is so often the case. You can ‘know’ all you like, but without the evidence you have to just watch, wait and hope something new comes along. If you know more detail about this case please let me know, the accounts are a bit sparse online.