Another Encouraging Sentence For Future Rapists: Joshua Carney UK

Joshua Carney, released four years early. Five days later he commits a double rape.

Carney is 28 and is now in prison for raping a mother and daughter. They were terrorised and assaulted in each others presence. The heart breaking and gut wrenching detail was that the mother desperately held her daughter’s hand as she was raped.

Their ordeal began at about 6.50 am on 1st March 2022 at their home in Cardiff, Wales. Carney was outside of the house as the mother got ready for work. Her teenage daughter was asleep upstairs. As she checked out a noise outside the mother saw Carney. He was looking intoxicated, he was bare foot and his heels were bleeding. In the first instance he said he needed a taxi. The mother’s instincts told her Carney was dangerous and she tried to close the door. He forced his way in. He locked the door behind him.

He hit the mother and raped her. He threatened to stab her if she did not stop screaming. Her daughter heard the commotion and called the police at 06.52 am. She said she thought her mother had been stabbed. Cops were dispatched. Unfortunately they did not get there soon enough. Realising there was someone else in the house Carney went upstairs.

Despite the best efforts of the mother to shield her child Carney gained entry to the teenager’s bedroom. he realised the police had been called and he raped the daughter as her mother held her hand. He also repeated the attack on the mother. I noted he was charged with offences related to the burglary, assaults and six counts of rape.

The police got there and he attempted to flee but the mother drew cops attention to him and he was detained.

Early Release

Carney was out on licence four years earlier than he should have been. In 2018 he got eight years in prison for a series of burglaries. I am assuming as burglary is seen as a none violent crime, that is why he got early release. His freedom had lasted a full five days before he attacked the mother and daughter. Obviously to anyone sane, especially anyone who has actually dealt with low life like him, it is glaringly clear that he shouldn’t have even been out. I mean what on earth is going on?

Joshua Carney, released four years early. Five days later he commits a double rape.

Carney is reported to have had almost 50 previous criminal convictions. To get eight years inside these days for burglary you have to be a stone career criminal with no regard for other citizens. So how did he get parole? Due to naivety and an elitist contempt for public safety is my guess.

Am I an expert in the thinking of parole boards? No, I am an expert in low life though. Unlike those that sit in judgement over our safety I have seen hundreds of Carneys in their natural, kicking, spitting, laughing state. I did not deal with them when they wanted out and thought that nodding along would achieve it.

Carney Sentenced To Life For Double Rape

Except he wasn’t. He has been given the modern version of life. That means a term until Carney can apply for parole and then a period of licence. We have been through this before particularly in the recent case of murderer and rapist Ben Oliver. On licence Carney will supposedly be monitored and supervised. Otherwise he is out and clear. The time before this can happen has been set at 10 years.

At 28 years old it means, obviously, he may be only 38 years old when he gets another shot at being scumbag of the year. All he has to do is play the game, keep his head down and who knows? By this time in 2032 he could do it all again.

Here is the paragraph outlining the thinking that prevails when it comes to early release.

The offender will be released only once they have served the minimum term and if the Parole Board is satisfied that detaining the offender is no longer necessary for the protection of the public. If released, an offender serving a life sentence will remain on licence for the rest of their life. If they are ever thought to be a risk to the public they could be recalled to prison. They do not need to have committed another offence in order to be recalled.

(Sentencing Council UK)

Once on the pavements, the prisoner, will have been put under certain conditions. None of the standard ones would prevent Carney doing what he did in March 2022.  It will be none physical supervision. The only conditions that restrict on a local basis are the requirement to have a residence approved by a probation officer. We already have one example of two killers living together when they killed again. That was against the rules but no-one noticed. So Carney will be out under a promise not to rape a mother and daughter again. Just as he was out having promised no to burgle again

The Secretary of State can enhance those restrictions but there is no guarantee he or she will. Besides  what could stop Carney in his 15 minute drug addled assault on these citizens? An electronic tag at 7 am?

Carney will be used to this system of course, he would have been under a promise not to be a bad boy when he destroyed those women’s lives.

Enough is enough. This is one of a series we are running about this insanity with a view of changing it. What on earth do we need the like of Carney out for? Seriously what use is he?

Catch You Soon

John T

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