15th October, Unsolved Murder: Jamie Perkins, Wales, 2017.

Mr Jamie Perkins.

According to the coroner this victim was killed on 15th October 2017 or shortly after. Kieron Jones was walking his dog in company with his partner in Bog Lane, Gilfach Goch, Wales. His dog ran into a hedge. When Mr Jones followed he found Jamie Perkins. His body had been partially covered in soil and vegetation.

Mr Perkins was 41 years old when he was beaten to death. He had severe injuries to his head and ribs. There was also signs of strangulation. It was later suggested that this may have been caused by a headlock style grappling. The coroner had no hesitation in recording a verdict of unlawful killing. The victim had been living at the Waterton Hotel in Tonyrefail prior to his death.

Mr Jamie Perkins.

During the two week hearing many witnesses gave evidence. The Coroner, Mr Hughes,  said:

‘There have been a significant number of conflicting accounts – few, in reality, genuinely assisting me with evidence as to how Jamie came about his death.’

He commented particularly on the apparent contradictory evidence of individuals. Mr Hughes said it was not possible to give an exact date of death because there were varying accounts as to when Mr Perkins was last seen. It is believed that the victim was not killed where he was found. As the body was not discovered until 1st November it was hard to pinpoint the exact date that he died.

What was apparent, from various sources, was that a group of people were involved in Mr Perkin’s murder. One would accuse the other of admitting to hitting him with a tire iron. Others would say it was not true. At one point a witness claimed that another had mentioned Mr Perkins had been placed in a freezer. It was further said cops missed the body when they looked inside.

A witness placed people at Bog Lane on 18th October. They were named but later denied they had ever been there. The last confirmed sighting of Mr Perkins was when he was at a party on 8th October. A witness claimed he dropped Mr Perkins back at his hotel. This same witness claimed the victim was high on drugs. The same witness refused to answer some questions as is his right at an inquest.

The area of South Wales has many small communities. Mr Perkins was well known in the district according to family.

Several people were arrested yet none charged. It seems the main issue was that evidence against them came from third parties. There were plenty who would say one of the suspects admitted things in conversation, but none could provide evidence.

In 2018 the BBC reported that Mr Perkin’s family had made an appeal for information.

They said that Mr Perkin had once boxed for Wales as a youth. They said he had made some wrong choices but said he was a good man at heart. The officer in charge of the investigation said:

‘Whoever killed Jamie Perkins is roaming free while his family are left traumatised and distraught. Somebody, somewhere, knows who is responsible, and this is their chance to come forward. We understand that it may have been difficult, or maybe still is, to come forward, but, I would like to assure you now that we would provide you with all the support that you require.’

 Anyone who could assist was urged to contact Crimestoppers.