Nasreen Akhtar was only 29 years old when she was murdered in her own home in Oxford.

Along with the unsolved Oxford, UK, murder of Dr Micheal Meenaghan in 1994 you have this case  only three and a half months later.

Nasreen Akhtar was a mother and home maker in Oxford itself.  The start of her day was getting her children ready for breakfast. Three of them were at home while another was overseas visiting relatives. She walked them to school and then visited a friend in Marlborough Rd. Her round trip was no more than a quarter of a mile. She only called in briefly with the friend so by about 9.30 am she would have been home. It was 30th March 1995.

Nasreen Akhtar was only 29 years old when she was murdered in her own home in Oxford.

A refuse collector noticed that the back door to her home was open when he stepped into the rear garden to get the dustbin. This was at 10.25 am and at midday a person known to the family called at the front door and got no reply.

Mrs Akhtar had been strangled to death, she was just 29 years old. It was two of her very young children that found their mother when they returned home from school. Apart from a video recorder being stolen there is no indication as to a motive, notably the rest of the home appeared undisturbed.

Her husband stood trial for the murder later on, but the case lacked evidence so there was no solution there.

In one online report it says the children later moved to the West Midlands and the family no longer have contact with their father.

Cobden Cresent is to the south of Oxford city centre. The area Mrs Akhtar walked that morning was a short triangular route in busy streets.

In 2015 police and family appealed for new information. Mrs Akhtar’s son, who had been ten years old in 1995, expressed the desire to find who killed their young mother. Rightly he pointed out this was still very raw for those that loved her and urged the culprit to do the right thing and come forward.

Thames Valley Police had been very active regarding unsolved cases. I have seen the same unit appeal in the cases of Dr Meenaghan, Janet Brown and Carolann ( other spellings abound) Jackson. Not all of these were Oxford murders. Two of them went over the county border into Buckinghamshire.

Not that I see a connection other than the location, but when I looked at Mrs Akhtar’s address I noticed it is only a stone throw from the another crime scene. Harun Jama was murdered in 2018 just to the north of Cobden Crescent.

If you have any information contact Thames Valley Police. Their Facebook link is below.

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Other similar crimes that spring to mind from around that time are Julie Pacey and Jacqueline Palmer-Radford. Now I think of it particularly the latter one.