White House Farm Murders TV Portrayal Inaccurate Say Officers

On Netflix now. White House Farm Murders. Here is from left to right actors Mary Addy, Freddie Fox, Stephen Graham.

Currently on Netflix is a series that documents the murder of five people on the night of 6th into 7th August 1986. The notorious killings are delivered to the screen by the like of actors Stephen Graham and Mark Addy and it is a compelling drama.

On Netflix now. White House Farm Murders. Here is from left to right actors Mary Addy, Freddie Fox, Stephen Graham.


This is just a quick note on the way the lead detective at the time was portrayed. Stephen Graham plays DCI Taff Jones. In the onscreen depiction he is shown as an inflexible and frankly an incompetent copper. He goes down the error strewn lane of single conclusion. Initially the real life investigation declared that one of the victims, Sheila Caffell, had killed her parents and children and then killed herself. As the investigation  went on the focus changed to Jeremy Bamber, adopted son, and he was later convicted.

I just came across this article that says many colleagues of DCI Jones are none too happy with the way he was portrayed. He sadly died due to an accident before Bamber’s trial and fellow coppers say he changed his mind on the evidence and was not the bull headed idiot he was shown to be.

If you see or hear of any possible errors here or elsewhere please tell me.



Fair is fair have a look here is the article 

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  1. As an attending Paramedic to the Carol Brown murder, I have a different recollection of where the body was found. All references that I have read about the details state that she was found at the bottom of the stairs. I was the driver to this incident and therefore followed my crew mate after having parked the Ambulance. I jumped over a small wall and across a flower bed and looked through a window as the front door was closed. What I saw from the window did not comply with the location of the body stated in all reports that I have read. Neither myself nor my colleague had any contact with the victim as there was a police Officer present and as it was obvious the victim was dead we did not wish to contaminate the scene. We did search the other rooms because there was the possibility of there being a daughter in the house.
    Although there was an interest from the police about a footprint in the flower bed, I did confirm that it was mine. However, neither myself nor my colleague were ever interviewed by the police.

    1. That is very interesting, thank you. I am ex police. There is something about that awful murder that draws me back in all the time. I do this site because Mrs Brown’s death is one of so many that has been swamped by time. I hope that the more references there are then the longer the case remains alive. Daft maybe. I have seen a lot less carnage than you I bet but I saw more than I would have liked. My hat is off to you guys. I wonder if the position she was in was one of the details retained in case of false confession or later false cell mate evidence? It does seem a bit strange that a statement was not taken from you to eliminate the footprint. I am thinking in case someone was tried and the defence brought it up as part of a ‘someone else’ defence. Anyway once again I appreciate your comment.

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