This is a running file of the cases I have covered. Please scroll down and click on any of them for the full article.

The Unsolved Murder of Janet Brown, Buckinghamshire 1995.

The Unsolved Murder of Janet Brown 1995


The Unsolved Case of Dr Michael ‘Spike’ Meenaghan

Dr Michael ‘Spike’ Mennaghan


The Unsolved Case of CarolAnn Jackson 1997 

A close look on Google Maps of the area surrounding the scene.


Murdered Polish Nuns from WW2

Thanks to Daily Mail. Images of the operation to uncover this unsolved set of murders from WW2.


The Mysterious Death of Dylan Parker, Idaho

In the centre is Two Mile Road. Not necessarily the house in question. This is the sort of terrain we are talking about though.


The Witchcraft Murder That Was Probably Just Murder. Charles Walton

A frequently circulated picture of the victim.

Unsolved Murder of Mandy Zani, West Yorkshire England

Nobantu ‘Mandy’ Zani. Her body was found near Bingley, West Yorkshire. Last seen in Manningham.

Unsolved Murder of Billie Jo Jenkins

The often circulated picture of Billie Jo, 13.


The Unsolved Murder of John Greenwood and Gary Miller, Merseyside, UK

Unsolved Disappearance of Steven Clark 1991

Eight Murders No Convictions The Investor Killings Alaska 1982

Mark and Irene Coulthurst


The Disappearance of Genette Tate in 1978 UK



This is said to have been the last picture taken of Genette with her father. She disappeared from a small village in Cornwall while on her paper round. What looked like a terrible but simple abduction could well have been both dark and part of something more widespread.


Unsolved Lewis Clark Valley Murders

Moscow to the North Asotin to the south with Lewiston in the middle. The Lewis Clark Valley straddles the Washington/Idaho border. In this are during the late 1970s/ early 1980s 5 murders have been linked by cops. Two of the victims have never been found.


Unsolved Murder of ‘Buckskin Girl’ Marcia King

A piece in the Journal Herald shortly after Ms King was found. Troy and Pleasant Hill are areas slightly to the north of Dayton, Ohio. Ms King remained unidentified for decades and her killer is still unknown.


The Murder of 13 year old Lindsay Rimer

The most widely published picture of Lindsay at the time. This mystery has sadly haunted the small Yorkshire town for decades. 


The Myths of the Flannan Isle Keepers.

I have marked the position of all this with a red dot. Three keepers go missing. Huge damage and logical explanations but for over 100 years myths of dark deeds and supernatural persist.


What Happened to the Martin Family in 1958?

The Martin family taken in happier times. Donald is to the left of his mother Barbara and Kenneth on the right of the couch. On a December day in 1958 the parents and the girls went for a drive. they wanted to collect greenery for Christmas decorations. Three of the family were never found.


Mystery Surrounds the Death of Hugh Kerr Bradley Roberts, 31st January, 2021 

This gent was found in suspicious circumstances. His 100ft sail boat sank in good conditions in a bay in Crete. He had suffered a robbery before when he was tied up on the boat. It maybe that by the time you read this the case may have been solved. However, this well known sailor and his historic boat are easily searched on the net yet no cause of death has been reported at this time 27th April 2021.

Sources state the wealthy man was involved in disputes over land, his place had been burgled not long before and a vehicle had been stolen.

The Disappearance of Audrey May Herron 2002

This nurse disappeared on an upstate New York road late one night. both her car and all trace of her went at the same time. Baffling and sad case with little chance of solution unless someone talks.

The Unsolved Murders of the Sims Family 1966


The Unsolved but Very Live Case of Toyah Cordingley 2018


This young Australian lady was brutally murdered while walking her dog on an isolated beach. A suspect is being sought but will that end the hunt?


A Classic Murder Mystery Tragic All the Same. The Green Bicycle Killing 1919.

Bella Wright was cycling back from her uncles on a nice summer evening. Someone shot her dead. Was it an accident? Was it a deliberate murder?