The Unsolved And Almost Forgotten Murder Of Molly Willmore,1983,UK.

This is an overhead view of the houses on Boundary Rd. To me this is a bit of a familiar layout when it comes to murders like this.

I am currently trying to sort out a lot of house type faff so that I can go and dig a bit more into cases like this. It isn’t that the unsolved killing of Molly Willmore is something astounding. It is that it is outrageous and almost forgotten. Ms Wilmore is mentioned on very few references that are easily found. Even in those scant mentions there are contradictions. All seem to agree she lived on Boundary Rd, Taplow, Buckinghamshire.

The houses on there are a bit of a mix, but many are detached properties and apparently Ms Willmore was regarded as a recluse. Opposite the road is open countryside and so she was vulnerable to the no mark people that look for such advantages.

This is an overhead view of the houses on Boundary Rd. To me this is a bit of a familiar layout when it comes to murders like this.

According to one account:

On 4th April 1983 fell Easter Monday. Ms Wilmore, 74, disturbed burglars and was beaten to death with a weapon of some kind. I don’t know what time the crime took place, if it was night time or during the day. I did notice that the reference is a site like this that itself had scant information. Even the local paper quoted the site.

I went to the Thames Valley police site and there is nothing, Crimestoppers also draws a blank. So I went to Wikipedia. They have a page on Unsolved Murders UK in the 1980s.

They have a bit more detail. According to them the date was the early hours of Saturday 2nd April 1983. Ms Willmore is said to have had 15 cats for company and her house was somewhat dilapidated. Once beaten her place was set on fire. Her body was found in the kitchen and her head injuries are described as severe. There was another detail, Molly was the name she was known by. Her Christian name was in fact Mary, middle name Eleanor.

If you know anything about Mary Willmore or any of the cases I cover please let me know. I have had a few comments with extra information and I always put the comments on. I don’t think Mary ‘Molly’ Willmore should be forgotten. If she is then so are the nonsense creatures that killed her. 1983 is a long time ago. It isn’t that long ago that the killers are definitely dust. Any help in reminding them that they are cowards who killed a 74 year old woman is very much appreciated. For now at least her murder has another reference point albeit not in the detail I like to include.

Please note I came back to this and did some more research. It seems Ms Willmore was actually Mrs Willmore and her date of death is recorded as 2nd April. Her house was called The Lodge on Boundary Road. She had lived in the London area for a long time at various addresses. Her husband was a journalist and in the early half of the 20th century she travelled with him. Places mentioned were Ireland, Indonesia and Portugal.

Upon her death her assets had to go through probate (no will) and later her son was listed as living at the address. Unfortunately I can not find a picture for her still. I will continue to try and find one. Below is a picture from Google of the house. The one next to it looks like a later addition. I wonder if when she was attacked her house had more land around it. This would have made her more vulnerable than if the property was like the modern layout.

( Sources for the above additional information were probate records and genealogical databases) 

The Lodge is the cream coloured house.


This murder reminds me of another some distance away in Impington, Cambridgshire in 1997. Another reclusive lady called Elsie Freeman was subject of a brutal beating during a supposed burglary.

Thinking about it there are also elements that are similar in the complicated murder of Dr Danuta Kaczmarsjka in 1986.

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